JAVA Software Engineer (remote, GMT+5 till GMT+9) at Peakflo (W22)
$24k - $42k  •  0.25% for SE Asia
Able to work in GMT+8 timezone / Remote (Bangladesh/India/Pakistan/Sri Lanka/Philippines/Iran/Malaysia/Indonesia/Vietnam/Thailand)
3+ years
About Peakflo

Peakflo is a collections and payables SaaS built for businesses in SE Asia. Using its simple API and one-click accounting software integration, it enables businesses to streamline their entire finance operations. 187 finance team users (from early-stage startups to unicorns) use peakflo each week to:

✅Save 100 hours/month on finance ops ⏳

✅Get paid faster on customer invoices by 10-20 days 📈

✅Streamline vendor payment process and reduce fees by 50-90% 💰

About the role
Skills: Java, Spring Framework, Spring

Peakflo is a B2B Fintech SaaS startup part of YCombinator W22, that just raised $4.1M in seed funding and was picked by Techcrunch as their top 10 favorites out of a cohort of 400 and also in a TechCrunch exclusive

Position: Java Engineer

Experience: 3+ years

Location: Remote

🚀 What we’re building

  • Finance operations at any high growth SMB or startup is plagued with resource intensive customer collections and vendor payment processes. This culminates into hundreds of wasted finance manhours and thousands of dollars in payment fees!
  • Peakflo with its simple API and one-click accounting software integrations, allows businesses to streamline their customer collections and vendor payments. 187 finance team users, from early-stage startups to unicorns in SE Asia, use Peakflo each week to:

✅Save 100 hours/month on finance ops ⏳

✅Get paid faster on customer invoices by 10-20 days 📈

✅Streamline vendor payments and save 50-90% on fees 💰

  • Most importantly, we have begun building an environment that encourages intellectual curiosity, problem solving, and ownership. An environment that provides the support and mentorship needed to succeed, learn, and grow ❤️

⚙️ Engineering at Peakflo

We are looking for quick-thinking, problem-solving java engineers to build the next generation of fintech products. You will be a founding team member for our payments service which integrates with payment gateways on one side and accounting systems on the other side. Payment service is one of the most important parts of our eco system, so we are implementing it using best engineering practices of building distributed scalable applications. Join us to be part of this exciting journey.

You should apply if you are interested in backends, microservice distributed architecture; if you are looking to join a high-growth high-pace startup with great engineering culture; if you want to work in a passionate high-skilled team.

💪 What you’ll do

  • Work directly with the CTO & Founder to help shape our product and culture.
  • Design and build new features, simplify existing services, and scale our systems as we rapidly grow and evolve.
  • Build integrations with 3rd-party finance, payment and communication systems.
  • Write sustainable, testable, high-quality, high-performance code.
  • Write scalable, observable, and fault-tolerant features in a microservice system.
  • Support, maintain, and debug microservices in a complex distributed system.
  • Work with our technology stack: Java Spring Boot, kuberetes, distributed high load applications, elasticsearch, GCP, cypress, jest, github, github actions, vercel.
  • Collaborate with teammates through planning, pair programming, code review, and testing.
  • Partner with members of a cross-functional team and other stakeholders to contribute to setting the direction of our product: learn about our business problems, explore solutions, weigh design tradeoffs, write effective user stories, and prioritize them to deliver maximum value in a sustainable, incremental fashion.

🕵️‍♀️ Who we’re looking for

  • You are a highly knowledgeable and experienced backend engineer.
  • You have solid experience with distributed applications: deadletters, at-least-once, exactly-once, pubsubs should be the terms you use daily in your job.
  • You have experience in building complex integrations with 3rd party solutions using API. EXTRA points if have experience integrating with payment gateways.
  • You are excited about ensuring that all of our systems—software and human—scale smoothly.
  • You work transparently and collaboratively within a distributed team.

💻 What we’re Looking For:

  • 3+ years of full stack professional experience building and debugging distributed systems in production environments.
  • You enthusiastically approach everything from backend system architecture and API design to HTML/CSS with the same level of respect and intention. You don’t need to be an expert in everything; T-shaped folks with an emphasis on backend skills are ideal for this role.
  • You write code that’s easily readable, testable, and maintainable, with an eye towards baking observability in from the start.
  • You have good understanding of payment gateways or server-to-server integrations with 3rd party systems.
  • Experience using agile/lean development practices with a focus on incremental delivery and business value.
  • You’re good at navigating and shaping the dynamics of a rapidly-growing company with a remote-first culture: quickly adapting when priorities change and making conscious tradeoffs with incomplete information.
  • Experience mentoring and training more junior engineers
  • Solid coding practices including writing technical specifications, peer code review, and testing (e.g. unit, integration, end-to-end)
  • Interest in integrating third-party APIs and the ability to understand them in several formats (e.g. REST)
  • Desire to architect and build scalable systems, libraries, and frameworks

➕ We’re Particularly Interested In People Who:

  • Have experience integrating or building with payments gateways
  • Strive for continuous learning and improvement for themselves and their teams.
  • Are passionate about sharing knowledge
  • Favor regular, incremental delivery over perfection and have experience balancing high quality with incremental delivery.
  • Brings strong communication and teamwork skills.
  • Have understanding of payment platforms (Direct Debit, Credit-cards, Bank transfers, QRIS, eWallets etc.)


🏡 Remote - We are building a remote friendly culture centered around trust and meritocracy

📈 Stock options - As repeat founders, we truly believe in building something valuable as a team with a strong sense of shared ownership


We are looking for quick-thinking, problem-solving full stack engineers to build the next generation of fintech products. Our SaaS product is built using typescript, node.js and react.

You should apply if you are interested in backend, microservice distributed architecture; if you are looking to join a high-growth high-pace startup with great engineering culture; if you want to work in a passionate high-skilled team.

Interview Process

1. Intro call with CTO

This stage is a more informal call to get to know more about the role, and for you to evaluate whether it’s a good fit for you. We are looking for people with a strong interest in startups and motivation to help them; this is usually exhibited by past experience working at or starting one yourself. Be ready to solve some simple coding task during these 30 minutes.

2. Algos, DS interview with TL

Our initial screen is intended as a first pass to assess basic software engineering skills.

3. System design with TL/CTO

We’re looking for familiarity with building systems, and in particular ones that are integrating with 3rd party APIs. It’s something like "how would you build Stripe", walking through objects and relationships, and going into more complexity as needed. We also talk through users and metrics a bit too.

4. final interview with CEO

Steps and interviews might change, depending on your strengths and weaknesses

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