Software Engineer at Ploomber (W22)
$115K - $130K  •  0.05% - 0.50%
Heroku for AI
New York
1+ years
About Ploomber

We are building a cloud platform to help data scientists and engineers develop and scale AI/ML applications.

Our open-source work has gathered over 4k GitHub stars and is used by hundreds of organizations spanning Fortune 100 companies, top research universities, and startups.

About the role
Skills: Python, Docker, Serverless, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

About us

Ploomber (YC W22) is the Heroku for AI and ML. We are building a cloud platform to help Data Scientists and Machine Learning engineers deploy and scale AI applications.

Want to build new products and improve scientists' and engineers' lives? Are you interested in working on highly impactful technical challenges to help data teams ship faster? Want to solve unique, large-scale, complex technical problems? If so, apply to Ploomber!

Our development cycle is high-speed. It's common to write code and have it running live on production just hours later. If you work with us, you can make an impact immediately. Ploomber is seeking Software Engineers to join our engineering team.

As a Software Engineer at Ploomber, you'll contribute to developing Ploomber's cloud platform while contributing to our open-source projects. Create code that reaches thousands of data scientists and engineers, and be a part of a small team working to help data teams collaborate better and deploy their work anywhere.


  • Develop and push production-ready code by quickly testing, automating, and reviewing processes.
  • Support our direct users when there are issues/questions.
  • Build and maintain scalable cloud infrastructure Identify problem statements, outline optimal solutions, account for tradeoffs and edge cases
  • Communicate effectively across multiple stakeholders

What We Look For

  • Experience working with Python
  • Software engineering experience from a previous internship or work experience.
  • Previous knowledge of CI/CD, Docker, and AWS is a plus.
  • Web development is a plus.
  • Must have authorization to work in the United States. We cannot sponsor work visas.
  • Must be willing to relocate to New York City (this is a hybrid role; we expect you to go to the office 2-3 times a week)
  • Strong written and verbal communication

We use Python for our open-source framework and for our cloud infrastructure. Our cloud platform is hosted on AWS.

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