Founding Staff Backend Engineer at Nimbus (W22)
Frictionless and powerful cloud dev environments
6+ years
About Nimbus

Nimbus delivers powerful, flexible, and consistent dev environments through the IDEs developers are already using. We're taking the mega-cap (Amazon, Google) approach to dev environments and making it available to everyone else.

How does it work? Developers work on lightning fast cloud machines without having to setup or manage their dev environment. Teams can easily spin up, update and fan out updates globally while creating a more productive and flexible work environment (e.g. more power, work from any machine, cut test/build times, etc.).

About the role
Skills: Go, GraphQL, MySQL, Redis, TypeScript

About Nimbus

Nimbus is a cloud development environment platform that delivers pre-configured environments to engineers through the tools and editors they already use.

Imagine joining a new team and being able to jump in and start writing code on day 1 without the frustration of setting up your dev environment. Or being able to grab a coffee or lunch without worrying about your long-running process getting killed if your laptop goes to sleep or is closed. Or, how about, running Docker on your Mac without losing responsiveness and performance?

The biggest tech companies in the world have already figured this out but small and medium-size companies don’t have the time, money, or expertise to build it themselves. That’s where we come in.

We’re building this for everyone else and we’re doing this without dictating how technical teams should work. Rather than ask engineers to massively change their workflow or toolset, we integrate with their local tools to deliver a seamless and stable cloud experience.

About the role

This is our first Backend Engineering hire and we’re looking for someone that can lead and be hands-on. In addition, for this Staff level role, we're looking for a higher level of expertise and skill - someone that can move twice as fast as other engineers.

This hire will lead the design, development, and implementation of many aspects of Nimbus’ cloud dev environment platform. Engineers choosing Nimbus are putting a lot of faith in us. If Nimbus doesn’t work - they can’t either. That’s why it’s critical that this engineer hold a high standard for delivering reliable and secure software.

At Nimbus, you will:

  • Build and own a scalable, secure, and reliable infrastructure and backend services
  • Drive critical technical decision making - your work determines Nimbus’ architecture
  • Be a champion for software quality, performance, and developer experience
  • Partner with the founders to build a roadmap that enables our product vision

We’re looking for someone with:

  • 8 years or more as a backend software engineer (including full-time internships) and/or worked as a Staff Software Engineer or equivalent
  • Experience with Go, Typescript, GraphQL, MySQL, Redis or similar tech stacks
  • Experience building or owning systems/components such as web servers, event-driven systems, data pipelines, or distributed systems at scale
  • Excellent verbal and written communicator - able to simplify complex concepts and communicate understanding and impacts
  • Sets a high bar for quality software from themselves and others

We’d love it if you had:

  • Experience building developer tools or B2B products for enterprise
  • Experience building services on top of public cloud providers (like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and Digital Ocean)
  • Experience with infrastructure technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, or related technology

What are some of the perks?

  • Remote first (we don’t have an office!)
  • Competitive salary with equity
  • Fully covered health, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401(k) plan
  • Unlimited time-off
  • No bureaucracy; flat structure

We're currently building on AWS (using step functions, lambda, global accelerators, cloud formation, control towers, EC2, S3, etc.). Our backend is built on Typescript, GraphQL, Go, Prisma, and MySQL. Our webapp uses React, Redux, and Typescript.

We're laser-focused on delivering an incredible developer experience through performance and unlocking better ways of developing through the cloud.

Interview Process

Intro call: 20 min chat with one of the founders to understand your background, career goals, and motivations, and to answer any initial questions you might have Technical interview: 20 min chat exploring a past project or experience followed by a hands-on 40 min exercise - both done with the CTO Take-home assessment and review: We’ll present you with a challenging technical problem that you will work on independently and review with our CTO Meet the rest of the team: Get to know the other founders

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