Sales Lead at Epsilon3 (S21)
The OS for spacecraft and complex operations
3+ years
About Epsilon3

Epsilon3 is the OS for spacecraft and complex operations. We are a small growing team of engineers formerly from SpaceX, Google, and Stanford. Our team worked firsthand on over 100 launches, including training and coordinating operations for multiple astronauts who successfully traveled to space and back. We are taking everything we learned and building software to make testing and operations as efficient, error-free, and enjoyable as possible.

About the role

Epsilon3 is the OS for spacecraft and complex operations. We are an experienced team of engineering and design leaders from SpaceX, Google, Northrop, and Stanford. Our team worked firsthand on over 100 launches, including training and coordinating operations for multiple astronauts who successfully traveled to space and back. Epsilon3 is the result of decades of learning and delivers on the promise of making testing and operations as efficient, error-free, and enjoyable as possible. We are backed by Y Combinator and other world-class investors.

We are looking for a Sales Lead to join our team who is passionate about the space industry and beyond. You will be responsible for growing Epsilon3’s customer base and meeting or exceeding our revenue goals.

The ideal candidate is a former startup founder who was responsible for hitting sales goals before. We need someone who is a full-stack “sales athlete” and can do a little of everything: understanding our business well, sourcing your own leads, managing your own opportunities, and driving them to close.

There will be significant growth and leadership opportunities for this person as our sales team expands in the future. This role would also present the right candidate with exposure to all of the aspects of sales and go-to-market and provide ownership opportunities across the entire sales cycle. The Epsilon3 leadership is committed to investing in its team members, and this role would provide for additional mentorship resources to grow as a sales and revenue leader.


  • Grow our ARR to reach our monthly, quarterly, and long-term goals
  • Generate and pursue new customer leads with daily manual/cold outreach, network/warm intros
  • Draft copy for automated email and LinkedIn campaigns; manage and track campaign performance
  • Track sales metrics like close rate and cycle time, trial conversion rates/cycle times, etc.
  • Get referral sales up and running
  • Develop better email messaging for each stage of the sales process
  • Keep improving and documenting a repeatable sales process
  • Top of the funnel/GTM/outbound: Figure out a scalable way to get in front of customers (top of funnel) in order to hit our revenue goals, including via outbound (massive & ABM), LinkedIn, distribution partnerships, content marketing, social media ads, etc.
  • Refine our ICP, target markets, and sales strategy
  • Build out post-sales process to minimize churn, ensure customer success, and expand accounts
  • Improve and evaluate tools for automated outreach and sales automation and improvement
  • Refine sales/marketing collateral
  • Serve as the advocate of our clients, understanding their needs, concerns and ensuring that our solutions are helping to solve their problems
  • Educate clients on how they can use Epsilon3 to enhance their integration, testing and operations
  • Communicate value propositions of utilizing the Epsilon3 platform and enhance messaging surrounding return on investment for customers
  • Increase renewal rates and reduce churn
  • Influence future lifetime value through higher product adoption, client satisfaction and overall health/NPS scores
  • Drive new business growth through greater advocacy and reference-ability
  • Support clients with technical questions and act as an intermediary between client and engineering development team
  • Reach and support team quarterly KPIs activity
  • Manage accurate and complete information in CRM
  • Keep product development roadmap up to date with customer feedback and requests
  • Maintain in-depth knowledge of the product, feature set, and roadmap
  • Understand customer business issues and needs as well as additional tools and competitive market
  • Join and actively participate in customer discovery calls and technical demonstrations
  • Support software QA and user testing

Basic Qualifications

  • Customer empathy: Expert at getting to know your leads/customers, identifying their needs/pain points, and knowing when the product can/can’t help them. This involves listening, asking questions, and building relationships to help sell.
  • Experience building or executing a successful sales cycle: Must be process-oriented enough to track your process and achieve results. This includes the full stack of sales — building a pipeline, finding leads, qualifying leads, selling, closing, etc.
  • Metrics-driven: You need to know your numbers — certainly revenue targets and actuals, but also the efficiency of your own pipeline, from top-of-funnel down to close rate.
  • Teamwork: At an early stage company, the product is most certainly not feature complete; there are gaps that customers/partners will ask for. You need to be able to work cross-functionally to understand the customers, identify feature gaps, and work to prioritize them.
  • Passion for efficiency tools
  • Excitement around our industry (Spacecraft, Launch Vehicles, Transportation, etc.)
  • Good communicator with outstanding oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work cross-culturally/cross-functionally
  • Ability to deal with and thrive in the ambiguity and chaos that comes with a fast-growing early stage startup
  • Fluent in English (additional languages are a plus)
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Self-starter and able to assess rapidly evolving priorities
  • Strong team player with great communication skills and collaborative work ethic
  • Love of learning (technical and otherwise)
  • US Citizenship and/or Permanent Residency (future security clearance may be required)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, business, communications, or related field
  • Former startup founder who sold their own product and/or former Head of Sales who successfully ran sales
  • 3+ years of sales experience selling SaaS services
  • Excellent business acumen, communication skills, and presence
  • You bring the level of enthusiastic spirit, reliability and creativity, commitment, time, patience, and humor it takes to work with a fast-growing organization.
  • Commercial level experience and negotiation skills
  • Master’s Degree
  • Experience in fast-growing tech startups is a plus

We are looking for great engineers to join our team who are passionate about space and building scalable, reliable software quickly. You will be responsible for creating delightful user experiences that solve very complex problems. We are currently using technologies such as React, CouchDB, AWS GovCloud, and Python, and we expect our stack will evolve rapidly over time as we hone our solutions and approach.

This is an exciting role in a fast-growing company. The ideal candidate is someone who has experience designing and implementing software systems from requirements to production and deployment.

Some of the technical challenges we’re undertaking:

  • Real-time synchronization of data and user interfaces across earth and space
  • Visualization of many complex data fields
  • Integration of multiple high-bandwidth data streams for real-time processing and display
  • Multiple deployment environments including cloud and on-premises
  • Mission-critical security and reliability requirements
  • Supporting complex workflows and detailed tracking while also maintaining simplicity and delightfulness of user experience
Interview Process

The interview process starts off with a 30 minute interview to talk through the role, what we’re looking for, and to learn more about you and all the great things you’d contribute to Epsilon3. The second step will be a 45 minute presentation you prepare to help us learn more about how you think and work. Following the presentation, you’ll meet with our co-founders and members of our sales and BD team in 1:1 interviews. We like to keep our interview process short and sweet as we know time is valuable. After the second round of interviews, we'll be at the offer stage!

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