Senior Developer Relations & Community (Founding Team) at Rootly (S21)
Manage incidents like outages directly in Slack
3+ years
About Rootly

Rootly is a turnkey incident response command centre that brings the best reliability practices from Google, Netflix, Amazon to those without a million-dollar budget.

An all-in-one platform that streamlines collaboration, communication, and learning. It automates away manual toil engineers suffer through today, captures data-driven insights, and can auto resolve incidents. With Rootly, companies accelerate their incident resolution and learn how to prevent them in the future.

About the role

About Rootly

Rootly is on a mission to help companies maintain reliability in a delightful and frictionless way. We do this by building the best-in-class incident management platform to help organizations quickly resolve critical incidents. We are not simply transforming an industry, we are carving an entirely new +$B segment ourselves and need incredible talent to achieve this ambitious goal.

Investors — don't just take our word for it, Rootly is backed by some of the top investors in the world that believe the same thing. Y Combinator, XYZ Ventures, 8VC, Bart Mediratta (CTO Dropbox), Jason Warner (CTO GitHub), Max Mullen, Brandon Leonardo (Co-Founder at Instacart), John Lilly (Greylock Partner), and more!

Customers — some of the fastest growing companies around the world such as Canva, Grammarly, Faire, Bolt, Linktree, Poshmark, and more trust Rootly to shape their incident management process.

About the Role

Our goal is to be involved in every incident management tooling evaluation whether they are looking or we spark their curiosity. You’ll play a critical role here.

Primary Goals — Brand and Community

  • North star metric — number of qualified developers that book demos (measured by “how did you hear about us” and trials)
  • Develop regularly scheduled of engaging content per week (e.g. blog, videos, podcast, webinar, interview, newsletter, guides, case studies, etc.), ideally diverse and unique (today we post fairly non-engaging vanilla blogs), you’ll own a metrics driven approach here and balance between volume and quality
  • Position Rootly as a thought leader in the SRE/DevOps community both virtual (e.g. Slack communities) and in-person (e.g. meetups). We want to lead not just participate and be everywhere incident management is mentioned
  • Develop partnerships and collaborations with adjacent tooling, companies, DevRel, and influencers (e.g. PagerDuty, Gremlin, ServiceNow, Slack etc.)
  • Submit incident management/reliability related CFP at key conferences both virtual and in-person (e.g. SREcon) and identify key ones we should be at
  • Own all social across Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and grow our following. Reposting across all communities e.g. SREWeekly, Monitoring Weekly, etc.

Secondary Goals — Customer

  • Onboarding videos, integration guides, and Rootly documentation
  • Build customer case studies and other ways that spotlight how Rootly helps them
  • Engaging with inflight trial customers to ensure successful onboarding (e.g. Jira integration setup), game days, putting together workshops when necessary, and fielding technical questions


  • Medical, dental, and vision benefits
  • Unlimited vacation policy with a minimum requirement of three weeks off per-year
  • M1 MacBook Pro of choice
  • Paid family leave - whatever you need, they come first
  • Ground floor opportunity to be an early member of a fast growing venture-backed startup
  • Rails, Postgres and Redis in the backend
  • Sidekiq for background jobs
  • Hosted on AWS with Heroku
  • Terraform for infrastructure as code
  • GitHub, Slack, Notion

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