Freelance Product Designer at Revel (S19)
The modern community for women over 40
3+ years
About Revel

Research suggests that loneliness is as detrimental to our long-term health as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and increases our likelihood of mortality by 26%. The group that Revel serves—women above the age of 40—is at particular risk of feeling socially isolated due to the many transitions that can happen at this age (empty nesting, downsizing, divorce, separation, retirement). Our mission at Revel is to help each Revel member meet friends and genuine connections, in the real world, so that she remains healthy, empowered, and thriving throughout midlife.

About one sixth of the U.S. population (50 million women) is a women of Revel age. The opportunity before us is to leverage technology to serve this population at scale.

About the role
Skills: Sketch, Figma

Revel is a membership-based community where women in their 40s, 50s and beyond gather to share hard-earned knowledge, experience, laughter, and adventure. We are backed by Forerunner Ventures and Y Combinator and were named one of the Most Innovative Companies of 2020 by Fast Company.

About Revel

Revel is a community for women over 40+ where any member can create and/or attend events and groups with other Revel members. Our Revel events and smaller groups are places to meet other women who are “Reveling” in mid-life -- physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Whether in real life or in virtual spaces, Revelers share intimate conversation, attend expert-led talks, or partake in myriad happenings, from the intellectual to the just plain fun. Our members build meaningful connections with one another, which in turn strengthens our larger sisterhood. We believe that our decades of life experience have cultivated endless wisdom and wit, and that should be celebrated and shared.

Revel began in 2019 in the San Francisco Bay Area with in-person events. We expanded to include virtual gatherings in light of Covid-19, and have added core geographies in LA, San Diego and the DC Metro area (though we have members all over the US as well as some international members). 90%+ of the events on the Revel platform are created and run by our member-hosts. Our member-hosts are a special and integral part of the Revel community.

The Position

We are looking for a Freelance Product Designer who can help us on a contract and on-needed basis. You will work directly with our Director of Design to help on the full spectrum of product design: from sketches/wireframes to UI design, creating app designs, developing UI styles, creating a component library, and designing onboarding screens are a few of the things you might do.

Key Responsibilities

  • Discover the users’ needs and create thoughtful experiences.
  • Rapidly prototype UX solutions for internal and external products to drive conversion and increase user engagement
  • Discuss prototypes with stakeholders and incorporate their feedback
  • Create and maintain a design system and design components that can be leveraged across the Revel platform
  • Deliver assets and specs to developers, and validate that designs are implemented according to spec
  • Stay current with the latest in usability across web, iOS, and Android
  • Design various marketing collateral


  • 3+ years proven work experience as a Product Designer
  • Portfolio of related work is required
  • Hands-on experience with Sketch or Figma
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Great communication skills

The Technical Problems We’re Solving

  • Data Aggregation and Matching: We are gathering and structuring our data so that at scale, we can guide her towards the Revel events and Revel members who are the best match for her personality, life stage, and interests.
  • Using Data to Optimize Ease of Community, Connection & Friendship: In addition to using data to match members to one another and events (the who and the what), we will be using data to understand and perfect the art of the how to bring people together to build and deepen interpersonal connections and community (number of people to a group, combination of tenure of membership, type of event for which stage of her Revel lifecycle).
  • Enabling Operations: As a company, we’re constrained only by the number of events we can operationally support; we’re building a platform with high uptime and scalable resources so that any member anywhere can have a 6-out-of-5 experience attending or hosting Revel events.
  • UX for a Unique Demographic: Our goal is to create an amazing UX that feeds a virtuous cycle of user behavior; our UX solutions need to be thought through for our target demographic in particular, and may looks slightly different than what has worked for existing platforms and their users.

Our stack is Node.js/PostgreSQL on the server and React on the front-end

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