Head of Operations at Streak (S11)
Streak transforms Gmail into a customizable CRM and process management tool. Our products service thousands of businesses, we’re growing fast, we’re profitable and we’re still a small team.
3+ years
About Streak

Born out of the frustration of switching between multiple external tools to manage the business, Streak enables users to manage any business process without leaving Gmail’s inbox. Our products enable thousands of businesses to reduce the mundane, routine tasks and processes their employees do every day so they can focus on the work that makes the biggest impact.

We believe our product is phenomenal, and we use it every single day to manage everything from sales, to customer support, to engineering, to hiring. At Streak, you will be more than a developer or salesperson - you will also be a Streak user who significantly impacts the future of our product.

About the role

The Operations Lead role designs the machinery that lets Streak operate. It’s an amazing opportunity for an analytically driven individual to hone their skills in running a large and growing business. This role directly reports to the CEO.

Our current hodgepodge solution (several Streakers & outside firms responsible for different functions) makes us less effective. Instead, an Operations Lead will enable us to build a more useful product, have happier employees and grow our revenue. The goal of the role is to professionalize our finance, people and revenue operations.

Below is an exhaustive list of all of the "jobs to be done" that allows Streak to operate. Clearly, one person can not execute on all of these directly. This role is about designing systems that will accomplish these functions - the candidates responsibility is also to figure how those systems will be implemented. Modern companies, and especially software companies, no longer need to have in house expertise in all of these areas. A core part of the Operations Lead role is to decide which job functions need to be done internally vs which can be done by best in class service providers. This gives us immense leverage while still having control over the functions that matter deeply to us or where we have more context.

In short, the Operations Lead will ensure the company can operate by driving the completion of:

Finance ops ‍

The ideal candidate will have a high level understanding of the state of our company finances and be able to communicate trends to our executive team. You will also be able to dig deep into the details to make sure nothing is slipping through the cracks. This can include:

Monthly books → work with our bookkeeper to ensure they are accurate and identify any trends that might need to be addressed.

Expense analysis → understand where our resources are being spent, identify waste, etc.

Strategic cashflow planning → work with functional leads to understand upcoming projects to accurately budget and forecast spend.

Yearly State and Federal tax filings → work with our outside tax accountants to file tax returns

R&D tax credit → work with our outside R&D tax specialist to describe R&D projects and the amount of resources we're investing in them to qualify for gov't R&D tax credits

Yearly 409A → engage with multiple outside firms to provide 409A valuations that accurately reflect our business

Investor updates → run a monthly update process by contributing content directly and pulling info from other leaders in the company.

Cap table management → work with our outside counsel or cap table provider to make sure our cap table is continuously up to date

Vendor negotiation/management → manage the relationship with our largest vendors (GCP, PingCAP, Bishop Fox) and negotiate better prices.

GoogleCloudPlatform cost modeling → our largest expense (aside from headcount) is our GCP cloud bill. Dig deep to find cost efficiencies and surface expanding trends that need to be addressed.

Invoice payments → handle incoming invoices and pay them in a timely manner. Ideally upgrading our process for this with modern tooling.

People ops ‍

This part of the role will be highly collaborative with functional leads. Some of the responsibilities below can be delegated externally or internally so long as the are driven to completion.

Compensation analysis → make sure we are staying competitive in compensation and have clear banding and cost of living adjustments.

Run performance review and bonus process → ensure we have a smooth and timely process to do performance reviews and bonuses twice a year.

Run OKR and goal setting processes → this has been in flux, but work with functional leads to determine best goal setting process and drive them to completion.

Retreats → since moving to fully remote, we want to try quarterly team meetups and 1-2 company wide retreats per year. Likely work with external vendors for travel booking, accommodations, etc.

Expense approvals → 99% of the time this is related to our benefits program or our WFH equipment policy.

Remote friendly weekly events

Onboarding new hires/offboarding → keep our onboarding and offboarding checklists up to date and ensure each employee completes them. Work with functional leads to ensure new hires have a solid plan for their first 30 days.

Benefits administration → help design and implement our benefits. We recently reset our benefits and use a combination of tools: Gusto, Benepass, Guideline, etc.

State registration → file our state registration and fees in each state we have employees

Payroll → make any manual adjustments needed (bonuses, etc) and manage the relationship with Gusto

Canadian subsidiary → our employees in Canada are employed by a subsidiary there so a lot of the tactical responsibilities above also need to be done in Canada.

Revenue ops ‍

Sales tax and nexus → research and implement plan for tax nexus and state sales taxes

Contract management → develop standardized contracts for MSAs, DPAs, etc. and run custom ones by our outside counsel. These are for Streak and InboxSDK contracts with customers.

Commissions → work with sales leader to calculate and payout quarterly commissions

Receivables → standardize and automate our accounts receivable process for customers not paying us by credit card.

Customer revenue analysis → understand who our best customers are in terms of churn, acquisition source, expansion, etc and suggest changes to our acquisition strategy. This will be a collaborative effort with our exec team.

‍ Growth Opportunities ‍

The Operations Lead will get to choose the areas they directly focus on giving her exposure to many areas of the business. This is an individual contributor role to start, however, as Streak grows there will be a need to have specialists in various ops roles to go deeper in certain areas. The candidate will need to source, hire, train and manage internal hires as well as external consultants/specialists/firms. A successful candidate will eventually work at the executive level by being the execution-centered complement to the CEO's strategic focus.


Check out our engineering team page which goes into all the details about how we work, our tech tack, and the values we operate by: https://streak.com/teams/engineering

If you're in Vancouver and interested in positions in our Vancouver office please take a look at our Vancouver page here: https://www.streak.com/offices/vancouver

And lastly if you just want to see some of the more impressive examples of our work, check out: https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/databases/how-streak-built-a-graph-database-on-cloud-spanner-to-wrangle-billions-of-emails and https://www.inboxsdk.com

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