Product Engineer at Navattic (W21)
Interactive product demos
New York/Remote
1+ years
About Navattic

What we're building

At Navattic, we’re on a mission to enable all teams to achieve product-led growth. In the consumer world, it’s the expectation that you can try out services and software before buying. This is not the case in the B2B world and we’re on a mission to enable all teams to create “try before you buy” experiences, like our interactive Navattic demo .

Prior to starting Navattic, two of our co-founders, Neil & Randy, experienced the pain of sharing software demos as presales engineers at Odracle. Interactive demos are just the start, and we’re exceptionally motivated to bring product-led growth to all teams.

What we value

We'll go into a lot more detail when speaking with you, but our core values are:

  • Move with a bias towards action
  • Relentlessly focus on the long term, even over short-term wins
  • Exceptional ownership
  • Practice what we preach

Traction & investors

Since launching last year, we’ve been fortunate to work with 140+ companies including Ramp, Front, and Fivetran. As of late, we’ve been particularly busy. We’ve grown from 70 to 140 customers in the last 10 weeks! Customers love Navattic; we have a large library of amazing customer calls and quotes.

We are well funded and backed by great investors, including Y Combinator, 645 Ventures and a variety of strategic angels.

Why join now?

As an early team member you will help shape:

  • The direction of our product and our go-to-market strategy - What features should we build next? What tooling can we build to support further growth? Many questions in this vein are still yet to be answered.
  • Our company culture, practices, and processes - Maintaining a nimble, remote organization at scale is a hard problem we want to solve and we’d love your help. Many of our employees have influenced or made significant changes as we’ve grown.

We’re at an exciting point where a lot is working but the opportunity is immense and there's much more to build & shape.

Navattic is a remote-first company with satellite offices in San Francisco and New York. To learn more, visit

About the role

Hi, I’m Chris, the Co-Founder and CTO at Navattic. I’m excited to open this position because it has many responsibilities I want as an engineer. As a product engineer, you’ll take ownership over a large portion of our core products and own projects end-to-end (wearing hats traditionally worn by product and design). You’ll, for example, talk to customers to better understand customer requests, design net new features, and implement them end-to-end. To ground it with examples, product engineers at Navattic have:

  • Improved our capture process to accommodate web applications that utilized advanced CORS policies, cross-origin iFrames and shadow DOMs. When the DOM capture works out of the box, it feels like magic to our customers. These improvements dramatically expand the breadth of web applications that we’re able to support out-of-the-box.

  • Improved the logic in our capture player so that the transition between DOM states is seamless. Because SVGs rely on stylesheets for their size and positioning, it was a non-trivial challenge quickly loading in new DOM states while properly formatting SVGs elements. Launching an improvement here helped customers create interactive demos that maintain a tight fidelity to their actual application.

  • Designed and implemented a feature that allows users to further customize the look and feel of interactive demos with custom fonts, margins and padding. This project included reviewing customer requests, scoping where these components would live on our theme builder and implementing the feature end-to-end.

These projects reflect what we’re accomplishing at Navattic: enabling non-technical users to instantly create beautiful interactive demos. We’ve abstracted away the challenging technical components to make sharing your product demo easy and accessible to all users.

We fortunate to have grown from 9 → 140+ customers in the last year, and we have great investors like YCombinator, 645 Ventures, and strategic angels.

Engineering Culture

Our engineering culture is motivated by our belief that a small talented team, given the right environment, can build high-quality software fast.

Collaboration is Natural & Communication is Deliberate

Engineers at Navattic (and the team at large) are naturally curious, have deep end-user empathy and are earnest to collaborate. These attributes create an environment where collaboration happens naturally (we filter for it in interviews). We’ve found that extended periods of focus, combined with a bias towards action, are powerfully amplifiers of productivity at Navattic.

Increase Leverage, not Team Size

We built Navattic with the quality, breadth, and depth that many customers would expect from much larger teams over larger time scales. We’ve done this through investment in:

  • Great developer tooling.  We’ve built a CI/CD pipeline to facilitate rapid deployments. We’ve also built custom developer sandboxes to reduce time spinning up new environments and conduct performance tests.

  • Building blocks to create powerful and customizable demos, fast. Our no-code builder is powerful, but easy to use (see an interactive demo) using modular components. Building with composability in mind is an essential part of our philosophy.

Give Engineers Ownership & Autonomy

We, as engineers, find clever ways to solve problems, which amplifies when we deeply understand the problem. We do our best work as engineers when we had a deep understanding of the end-user and the business and ownership over the solution. Our engineering culture reflects this experience: engineers own projects end-to-end, from speaking with users, to UX design and ultimately, implementation. These are skills that we often don’t get to practice as engineers, and, at Navattic, we provide mentorship to grow them and help from the team where you want it.

Your First Two Months at Navattic

We want an exceptional onboarding experience for every new hire. At Navattic, we spend a lot of time focused on building your confidence in our codebase and practices culminating in the delivery of a prominent, impactful feature. We’ll pair you with a peer who’ll guide you through your first tasks and be someone you rely on, from answering questions to pair programming.

Technology Stack

I’m sharing our tech stack with the caveat that we don’t require previous experience in it (but a love of typed languages is helpful 😀): TypeScript (frontend & backend), Javascript, Node.js, React, Apollo GraphQL.


  • Competitive salary and early-stage equity

  • Bi-annual offsites (last fall we went to San Diego!)

  • WeWork All-Access Passes (we have satellite hubs in NYC and SF)

  • Top-notch health insurance for you and your dependents.

Navattic’s success hinges on hiring great people and creating an environment where we can be happy, feel challenged, and do our best work. We’re being deliberate about building that environment from the ground up. I hope that excites you enough to apply.



Interview Process

Our team and interview process want to help you show your best self. We’ll dive into past projects and provide additional context on Navattic. Our interview process consists of three rounds:

30-minute introduction call

A technical screen (take home task)

Call with the founding team

You’ll meet the founding team and get the chance to show off your technical aptitude. If we don’t give an offer, we’ll provide feedback! It's our intent to run an efficient, candidate-first process. In previous cases, we've turned an offer around in less than a week.

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