Senior Backend Engineer at Klarity (S18)
Automated RevRec & Billing Contract Review for enterprise.
3+ years
About Klarity

Klarity (Y Combinator S18) uses Natural Language Processing to automate contract review for Revenue Recognition. Our customers include multiple Public companies use Klarity to (1) save time and cost, (2) increase compliance through robust controls, and (3) ease the pain of contract review.

We have spent years working on our core NLP platform and recently decided to focus on the Revenue Recognition use case. Since then we’ve experienced extremely strong growth with Enterprise Software companies and have doubled our revenue in just the last 3 months.

About the role
Skills: Python

Klarity ( YC S18) uses Natural Language Processing to automate document review. Our customers include companies like Coupa, Okta, RingCentral, Optimizely, and Lattice and use Klarity to (1) save time and cost, (2) reduce compliance risk, and (3) ease the pain of contract review.

We are looking to add a brilliant Senior Backend Engineer to our team in San Francisco (as engineer #6!).

We have spent years working on our core NLP platform and recently decided to focus on the Revenue Recognition use case. We’ve more than 3xd our ARR in the last 6 months and are on track to 5x in the next 12 months. We are looking for an incredibly capable, technical individual who can take broad ownership of existing and new backend functionality. Your work will be absolutely critical to the company as you will be building document and workflow features critical to sustaining our growth. As such, compensation for this role will include a generous equity component.

Klarity Tech Stack:

Backend: Python ML Stack: GPT-3, BERT, PyTorch, AllenNLP, Spacy, AWS Textract Frontend: React Architecture: Microservice (Docker) Datastore: MongoDB, S3 CI/CD: Bitbucket -> Jenkins -> ECR Deployment: AWS ECS Fargate, EC2

Job Type: Full-time Experience: 2-5 years

Responsibilities: Working closely with the CTO to design and build and deploy new features. Managing the core API layer and database (MongoDB) System Architecture and Product Features (esp complex features like granular RBAC, Checklist Versioning, Automated Document Workflows) Application Performance and Monitoring: Latency Issues, Query Optimization etc.

You will love this job if you: Love developing and owning a huge chunk of the codebase. Enjoy being in a high-paced, non-repetitive role. Thrive in small, cross-functional teams. We are a tightly-knit team of lawyers and engineers, collectively speaking 10 languages! Are excited to learn about cutting-edge advancements in NLP/ML.

Requirements: 3-5 years prior Backend experience. Significant Python experience. Prior experience with MongoDB and NoSQL database architecture concepts. Familiarity with AWS (ECS, EC2), Docker, and the basics of CI/CD. Excellent work ethic and ability to operate with high velocity.


Cool Challenges: Using a mix of statistical and linguistic techniques to perform a high-accuracy information extraction task on "Legalese". Supercharging human lawyers by working closely with lawyers on the team and building useful tools that get deployed immediately. Constructing a robust document processing pipeline that allows for quick onboarding of new contract types and is adaptable to tagset changes.

Stack: Vast majority of the backend codebase is written in python with some internal tools built in javascript. Our Frontend is built in React.js. We use containerized (docker) microservices and host everything on AWS.

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