Founding Electrical Engineer at SixWheel (W22)
$150k - $220k  •  0.25% - 2.00%
Make diesel semi trucks hybrid-electric
SF Bay Area
Any (new grads ok)
About SixWheel

SixWheel is an electric vehicle company that allows fleet owners to convert their trucks to 90% electric hybrids with a process as simple, easy, and low commitment as hooking up to a trailer. Unlike other electric vehicles, charging and maintenance are also included at a price lower than current fuel and vehicle costs.

The company is founded by Ian Rust, the founding engineer at Cruise Automation (acquired by GM) and former MIT, Google X, and Amazon Lab126 robotics researcher. It has built a team from Tesla and Cruise. SixWheel is backed by Root Ventures, Y Combinator, Pieter Abbeel, and the founders and early employees of Segment, Newfront Insurance, and Stripe. Dave Lyons (Tesla), Gene Berdichevsky (Tesla, Sila Nano), and Don Calloway (Anheuser Busch) are on the advisory team.

About the role
Skills: Packaging

SixWheel is an electric vehicle that combines with diesel semi trucks to make them hybrid-electric instantly, with no retrofits, and at no upfront cost. Truckers can just show up and start using it. Through fuel and capital cost savings, we deliver $25k or 50% more profit per truck annually. This is a $50B dollar market opportunity in the US and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 5%.

We are looking for talented individuals who are passionate about electric vehicles, automation, or climate change. In this role you would have the opportunity to make a transformational impact on the road freight industry while also saving as much as 1 Billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions annually. You would be a joining the founding team of an early stage, high growth company founded by the people behind Cruise Automation, which was acquired by GM for $1B in 2016.

We are delivering our first vehicles in 2023 and have rapid plans for expansion.


You will be responsible for the real time control hardware for both prototype and large volumes of our vehicle product, the SixWheel. The work will entail:

  • PCB Layout and Simulation
  • Board bring-up, debugging, design verification, and production
  • Compliance with standards such as ISO 26262
  • Full engineering lifecycle management, from system architecture design to deployment and maintenance
  • Collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team of Mechanical Engineers, Controls Engineers, Robotics Engineers, Software Engineers, Business Development, Supply Chain, and Logistics.
  • Reporting directly to the CEO


Note: none are required, but the more of these you have, the better!

  • Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or a related field
  • Experience with CAD software such as Altium, OrCAD, Allegro, PADS, and ANSYS
  • Experience with designing and building electric vehicles
  • Good communication skills (both day-to-day and for writing documentation, interfacing with third parties, etc)
  • Embedded C
  • A desire to continually improve yourself and the systems you are responsible for.
  • Humility, honesty, and low ego in what you don't know
  • Respectful confidence in what you do know
  • Diligent and focused

Compensation and Benefits

  • $150k-$220k Salary
  • 1-2% Equity
  • Generous PTO, Sick Leave, parental leave (6 months)
  • 401k with employer matching
  • Health, Vision, and Dental insurance


San Francisco Bay Area, Remote OK with periodic in-person integrations of boards


The SixWheel is a full electric vehicle, minus a passenger compartment. It couples to the back of a tractor via the existing trailer hitch, and nothing more. It then presents this same hitch for a trailer to be attached in the back. It therefore sits between the tractor and trailer, but has a completely separate electric powertrain.

Because it has no passenger compartment, it is a semi-autonomous vehicle. It's job is to infer driver intent via instrumentation on the trailer hitch and assist in acceleration, braking, and even stability control.

For hardware we run an 800V EV architecture, and for software we build our semi-autonomous "agent" via C/C++ on an RTOS.

Other jobs at SixWheel

fulltimeSF Bay AreaElectrical$150k - $220k0.25% - 2.00%Any (new grads ok)

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