Infrastructure Software Engineer at Overview (W19)
Computer Vision Platform for Manufacturing
About Overview

Overview is a company that takes the cutting edge in computer vision and deep learning and applies it to previously unsolvable manufacturing inspection problems. We are truly a full stack company. We install physical cameras into the facility, run inference on the edge and manage massive deployments. Overview also streams gigabytes of video/image data to the cloud for our web platform to give customers advanced insights and analytics.

We are looking for engineers who like to solve tough challenges across the stack. This might include wrangling 500mb images or deploying optimized models in one click that can handle 10 parts a second. We are looking for people who are dynamic, who are excited to work on a different challenge every week, whether it's the final inspection on a medical device or making sure a razor blade has a perfect edge.

About the role

At Overview, we understand that every factory is configured differently. Every plant has their own internal IT infrastructure. Some places require on-prem deployments and some want cloud deployments. At the core of the Overview promise is reliability. We want our customers to believe in and rely on our platform. This means that things just work. We are looking for someone who can help us elegantly deploy into any condition. Hands on responsibilities will include:


  • Being the source of trust at Overview, ensuring security and SLA's
  • Owning hardware agnostic infrastructure
  • Relentlessly adding monitoring and visibility to our platform so that if things go wrong we are the first to know
  • Owning CI/CD to ensure the codebase is reliable and secure
  • Managing the deployment process to our IoT fleet

Helpful Experience

  • Experience with Docker
  • Experience managing IoT deployments or
  • Having complied with various security audits
  • Experience with MQTT
  • Creating and managing secure REST endpoints
  • Experience with Terraform/Ansible

Overview's tech is far reaching. We deploy highly reliable camera hardware and GPU's into manufacturing and industrial settings. We have an IoT fleet management stack to update, secure, and manage our fleet of devices. We stream this data to our cloud or to a customers hybrid cloud where we have a user facing platform where customers can interact with their devices, deploy new deep learning models, and see advanced analytics.

We use Docker to deploy web infrastructure and deep learning models. We have an extensive deep learning stack using Tensorflow, PyTorch and packaged with Onnx. Our frontend is in React, which is updated in real time from our fleet using MQTT. And the list goes on...

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