Filta (S21)
The Face Filter NFT Marketplace

Senior/Founding Full-Stack Software Engineer

$85k - $150k0.25% - 3.00%

San Francisco / Remote
1+ years
About Filta

At Filta we're smashing a bunch of frontier technology together and making it go viral.

We're starting with a simple idea: a face filter NFT marketplace. But! We're rapidly expanding into avatars and full-body digital fashion that you wear on social media, on stream, in games, in VR, and on the streets with AR.

If you enjoy working at the bleeding edge of what's possible, on an expansive vision of the future, and with a team that sets a very high bar for success - then we would love to hear from you.

About the role

Skills: C#, JavaScript, React, React Native, TypeScript, Ethereum, Solidity, Google Cloud, Firebase, Unity, Software Architecture, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The Role:

We're looking for someone to own substantial portions of the product. It's your choice of: iOS app, web app, smart contracts, backend, or some weird combination of all of the above. You can claim almost any title you want once we define your ownership domain. The idea is to lay broad scalable foundations across multiple parts of the stack that later hires will build on top of. You'll be working directly with the founder (and original engineer!) to make sure our product, tech, and design goals are met and have significant say over the tech stack.

The company:

Filta is the face filter NFT marketplace. We partner with creators to release limited edition face filters for their fans to use on social media. You'll get to work with amazing people pushing the boundaries of what is possible in AR/VR/Web3 and enable some of the best artists in the world to create gorgeous work. We're backed by YCombinator and (a bunch of awesome unannounced investors that I can tell you about in person). The best part: we're one of the rare companies that has extreme growth potential where the product is also a ton of fun — so why not join the journey?


-Making architectural and technology adoption decisions

-Pushing out a lot of code

-Hopping on fires and helping other engineers on the team

-Setting a rapid pace of development

-Maintaining a high quality bar

-Adopting brand new technology that is likely half-broken, poorly documented, and has a small developer community. Potentially you will make it better and give back to the community.

-Making KPIs go up and to the right

-Talking to users

-Driving product (indirectly or directly) and executing on that vision

Required Skills:

-You write amazing software

-You have professional experience with several of the technologies in our tech stack (Javascript/Typescript/C#/Solidity/React/Firebase/AWS/Unity/AR/VR/Computer Vision)

Bonus points (at least one is required):

-Artistic Talent

-Web3 passionate

-Experience creating AR/VR/Games/3D stuff

-Direct experience on a high growth consumer product

Personality type for success:

-Loves new technology and pushing the boundaries of what's possible

-Prefers freedom, responsibility, and ownership

-Naturally moves fast. Bias toward action vs. analysis

-Enjoys solving root problems vs finishing tasks

-Excellent at seeking out the highest priority problems and solving them with little to no input

-Passionate about your work

-Care deeply about the success of the team

-Interested in finding the best solution vs. being right

-Fast learner. Always curious

-Comfortable in ambiguity

-Excellent at figuring out what must be done now and what can be improved later

-Observant of problems and vocal about their existence

-Challenges assumptions and suggests new/better approaches

-Honest communicator - direct about your thoughts and readily admit your mistakes

Company Philosophy:

Incredibly collaborative but singular product ownership (no designing by committee). Inputs over outputs (i.e. failure is ok as long as initial reasoning is sound). Bias toward no process and no meetings (though we obviously still have versions of both). Bias toward cool side-projects and cool people vs. impressive credentials. Fundamental belief in human excellence and creativity: Anyone can excel if you put them in their perfect situation.



  1. LinkedIn (preferred) or resume

  2. Github repo (preferred) or code snippet you think is representative. Working links to some of your stuff is A+++

  3. Write "bonanza" in your submission at some point for bonus points. That's how I know you read this part.

  4. (Optional) Dope art that you have created (of any kind) or anything else you think is relevant

More info at:


Our stack is pretty complex. If you know any subset of this then we're interested in chatting. The bigger the subset? The more interested we are:

Solidity React Typescript Firebase (with an interest in switching to AWS or otherwise) Web3 ethers (yes. both.) graphQL (via theGraph) Unity C# Nethereum ARKit Swift

Bonus points for tech we will likely adopt in the future: Polygon (or similar) Machine Learning (anything) Android (anything) Oculus Quest Hololens Apple's headset (N301/N421/...) ARCore

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