Senior Android Engineer at Emerge Tools (W21)
$100k - $200k  •  0.10% - 1.00%
The ultimate mobile performance platform
1+ years
About Emerge Tools

Our team (ex Airbnb, Apple, Snap, Amazon, Spotify engineers) is small, technically experienced and tight knit. We're fully remote spanning from Los Angeles, Seattle and New York, but love to spend time in person together so we try to have a company retreat at least once a quarter.

Our company was picked as one of TechCrunch's favorites after Demo Day and we already work with some of the biggest companies in the world like Dropbox (+ many others we can't publicly name yet).

TechCrunch also wrote about us here!

If there is no posted role that fits what you're looking for but you're passionate about joining, please reach out to me personally -> [email protected]

About the role
Skills: Android, Kotlin, Node.js, TypeScript, Serverless

We’re looking for someone highly experienced in all things Android, especially performance, size and optimization. We want someone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty in the internals of Android and is interested in squeezing every bit of size, performance and other optimizations out of Android apps.

Specific skills we’re looking for include:

  • Experience working on Android app size optimization, including common Android tools like R8, Proguard and Dexguard
  • Experience in runtime analysis, especially profiling, tracing and sampling
  • Experience with AOSP and other Android tooling
  • Strong experience in general Android application development

We have a robust product roadmap our highly experienced team is building, allowing you to learn and dive deep into AOSP, Dex optimization, resource optimization, static analysis, runtime analysis and much, much more.



  • Android: Kotlin, Java, AWS Device farm
  • Frontend: React, Next.js, Vercel, Typescript
  • Backend: Node.js, AWS, Serverless

We have developers on our platform from some of the biggest & best tech companies in the world. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a technically elite core team that wants to help you pursue what you're passionate about and reach your full potential.

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