Cloudthread (S21)
Cloud cost efficiency. Engineering first.

Founding Engineer - Full Stack

San Francisco / Remote
3+ years
About Cloudthread

As strong believers in cloud computing, we have founded Cloudthread to fix key issues the technology is facing on its way to mass adoption: cost-efficiency and environmental impact.

You may have heard recent discussions about the high cost of cloud, or on the growing concerns around cloud carbon footprint. At Cloudthread we focus on tackling these problems while keeping the technology attractive. We believe that bottoms-up, engineering-first approach is the way to unlock the most value there, so we aim to serve all the engineering teams, including Data and ML, with the missing toolset to establish better cost controls, lower carbon footprint through enabling better resource utilization, and increase overall transparency of their cloud solutions.

A team of three co-founders - Daniele, Ilia and Thomas - passionate about cloud and FinOps, we have made huge progress as part of Y Combinator's S21 cohort. Our first MVP - technical cloud unit cost monitoring solution - achieved Product of the Day on Product Hunt and is being actively piloted at several companies. We are proudly backed by some of the world's top investors and believe in strong culture with customer-value driven product growth, where we focus on building something awesome that all engineering teams need while having lot's of fun doing so.

About the role

Skills: Python, SQL, Distributed Systems, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We are hiring #1 Founding Engineer. This is the key role focusing on implementing product vision and iterating towards the product-market-fit alongside the founders.

We are looking for a strong and ambitious technical person who is passionate about cloud computing, is not afraid to be creative, and wants to build the culture and technology from the ground up with us.

What you will do

  • Set the tone for future engineers about how Engineering approaches its technical roadmap and how we operate as a team to tackle that roadmap.
  • Drive the technical direction of Engineering to ensure our platform can scale and deliver value for years to come.
  • Own execution and delivery of projects related to data engineering, backend APIs, data science, frontend, and design.
  • Create mechanisms for engineers to engage with high quality metrics without friction or confusion, driving our Engineering workflow integrations from personal experience and customer interviews.
  • Work directly with our customers and design partners along all parts of the product.

Who you are

  • You want to have a huge impact on our Engineering culture. As a founding member of the team, future engineers will look to you for guidance on our values and how we put those values to work.
  • You want to have a huge impact on our product and cloud computing domain as a whole. We are just starting our product journey and you will be instrumental in shaping a world-class tool to help engineers build better in the cloud.
  • You want to participate and be creative. We’re a company that values letting the best idea win, and we want the whole team contributing to get things done once we’ve committed.
  • You want to solve a tough and interesting problem. We think getting engineers to take action on cost is not easy, neither is letting them know about the environmental impact of their decisions. We’re working against decades of pre-cloud culture. But, we believe we can have a positive impact on the way engineers work in cloud by building the right product.
  • You want to build a truly great and lasting company. We are serious about our culture and we believe that we can make a difference with the right people on board.

What tech we use

  • Serverless stack on AWS.
  • Data pipelines on Athena, Glue and Lambda.
  • Hosted on AWS ECS, CI/CD on CodePipeline.
  • Google Workspace, GitHub, Slack, Notion, Linear for internal communication.

What we look for

  • You have multiple years of extensive experience with Python, API creation, AWS infrastructure, and frontend technologies like React.
    • Any previous data engineering experience or data-related work is a plus.
  • You have built end-to-end enterprise platforms before.
  • You embrace debate and idea exchange, but are committed to the product’s success once a decision gets made.
  • You are passionate about product and user experience – customers are at the heart of everything you do.
  • You have strong communication skills.
  • You are resourceful and have a strong bias to action.
    • Early-stage startup experience is a plus.

What we offer


  • Unlimited time off with a 15 day minimum
  • Private medical insurance and mental health offerings
  • Twice yearly off-sites with the team (once Covid allows us to travel)
  • $100/month of discretionary spending money for gyms, classes, etc.
  • Dedicated budget for learning
  • Founding member equity package


  • Serverless stack on AWS
  • Data pipelines on Athena, Glue and Lambda
  • Hosted on AWS ECS, CI/CD on CodePipeline
  • Google Workspace, GitHub, Slack, Notion, Linear for internal communication

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Founding Engineer - Full Stack
San Francisco / Remote
Full Stack
3+ years