Writesonic (S21)
AI-powered copywriting and content marketing.

Machine Learning Engineer (NLP)

3+ years
About Writesonic

Writesonic is building the content marketing platform of the future to help businesses write better marketing copy using AI. It’s like having a copywriter in your pocket, ready to help with any kind of content you need - from Facebook and Google ads to landing pages, product descriptions, blog posts, summaries, and more.

About the role

Skills: Torch/PyTorch, Django, Flask, Kubernetes, Python, SQL, TensorFlow, Distributed Systems, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Software Architecture, Computer Vision, PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

About Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI-powered content automation platform that generates marketing content so good you can’t believe it wasn’t written by a human. With a few lines of text, Writesonic will generate ads, blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions, and 40 other types of content.

We are saving agencies, eCommerce brands, and marketing teams about 80% of the time and effort it would take them to do the job themselves. And we're decreasing their costs dramatically! Our customers love us, as evidenced by the 2000+ 5-star reviews on platforms like G2, TrustPilot, and Capterra.

We are a seed-stage company, well funded by top investors like Y Combinator, HOF Capital, Broom Ventures, Amino Capital, etc., and are building a real business fueled by real revenue — not just venture capital.

We're a small, creative, and hard-working team looking for people with a founder mindset to join us.

About the role

We are expanding the functionality of our application based on market requirements and customer feedback. So, we are looking for talented AI/ML engineers who can understand our domain, research the market, own the application and drive the development of new AI models for building customer-requested features from the ground up.

This position says founding engineer. We really mean that. You'd build critical AI (mainly NLP/NLG) features from the ground up, and deliver 5x faster than you have at previous jobs. We're looking for someone who is serious about building, and who can wear many hats. Your day-to-day work will directly influence how customers and partners interact with our products.

🙋 Who you are

  • You care more about solving customers' problems and building a delightful experience than about using a particular technology to do it.
  • People describe you as "extremely productive."
  • You are excited about working on a small team and helping us set the long-term vision for our engineering organization and product direction.
  • You have a strong grasp of engineering and ML fundamentals.
  • You stay up to date with the latest research in AI.
  • You're flexible, trustworthy, energetic, and a great communicator.
  • You like to quickly learn and implement new technologies, and perform POC to explore the best solution for the problem statement.

🔨 What you'll do

  • Take ownership of Writesonic's AI models and architecture, all the way to deploys, monitoring, debugging, and overall reliability.
  • Research the market and competition, and come up with new features or ways to improve the system.
  • Ship major features often, iterate on those features, and build out our core AI infrastructure.
  • Be exposed to every level of the company, working closely with the CEO to meet business goals and working off customer feedback.

Required Technical Skills and Qualifications

  • 3+yrs of industry experience as a machine learning and software engineer. Ideally, with a focus on NLP/NLU/NLG.
  • BSc, MSc, Ph.D. degree from a reputed university in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Statistics, or related technical field.
  • Experience with building, deploying, and scaling production-level AI applications.
  • You can read a research paper or mathematical description of an algorithm/model and translate that paper into high-quality code.
  • Experience building backend systems at scale with a focus on data processing/machine learning/analytics.
  • Experience building microservices.
  • Experience with Python (recommended), Go, and/or Java/Scala.
  • Experience with SoTA modeling techniques, such as transformers (e.g., BERT, GPT-N)
  • Experience with using code for NLP/NLG/NLU (NLTK, Gensim, spaCy, TensorFlow, Pytorch, etc.)

Our Technology


  • GPT-based AI models
  • BERT, BART, and other transformers models


  • NextJs/React with Redux
  • TypeScript
  • tailwindcss


  • Python (FastAPI)
  • PostgreSQL
  • Kubernetes for deployment and orchestration


Backend: FastAPI (Python), Docker, Kubernetes, AWS. Frontend: NextJs, React, Tailwind CSS, Vercel.

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