Senior Scientist - Protein synthesis at Macromoltek (W18)
Computational antibody design
Austin, TX
1+ years
About Macromoltek

Macromoltek designs antibodies against difficult targets that are intractable for conventional discovery technologies. We have built proprietary algorithms that combine structural biology and machine learning, as well as a system to quickly validate these designs experimentally.

About the role
Skills: Molecular biology, Molecular design, Gene synthesis, PyMOL, Protein engineering

About Macromoltek: Macromoltek is an Austin-based biotechnology company dedicated to turning antibody drug discovery into drug design. We are a computational drug discovery company dedicated to the advancement of antibody drug development through strategic partnerships. We are on the cutting edge of protein science and our bioengineers make use of an in-house platform to design and build new antibodies. At Macromoltek, we thrive on an interdisciplinary and highly collaborative environment, which allows us to provide creative and innovative solutions for elusive diseases and therapeutic research.

Job Description: As a Senior Scientist, you will be responsible for managing a team of intern technicians to perform internal and client projects with an emphasis on recombinant antibody production and purification, DNA cloning, and ELISA-based assay development and implementation. You will have a responsibility to manage the R&D budget, research and apply for grant funding opportunities, and produce a statement of work proposals for clients. The candidate should be able to function in a dynamic work environment, be able to manage multiple project timelines, and serve as a supervisor and mentor to interns. To be successful, you must bring a positive attitude and a willingness to develop new processes and collaborate across departments. This position reports to and is supervised by our Chief Executive Officer.

Responsibilities and Duties: *Perform market research, uncover customer needs and develop a deep understanding of market trends and competitive landscape to assist in portfolio strategy development. *Produce marketing materials including social media, press releases, and web content. *Effectively set and adhere to an R&D budget and timeline for internal and client projects. *Manage efforts with CRO to coordinate any outsourcing of R&D efforts. *Function as a project leader to coordinate efforts, define timeline and deliverables, and report to higher management. *Perform molecular cloning, PCR, and site-directed mutagenesis techniques. *Express and purify recombinant proteins in E. coli, insect cells, or mammalian cells. *Develop and optimize protocols to increase yield and purity of recombinant proteins through the use of affinity, size exclusion chromatography, and ion exchange columns on FPLC. *Characterize and analyze proteins using SDS-PAGE and Western blot techniques. *Analyze antibody binding affinity to antigen in ELISA or other binding assays. *Troubleshoot scientific problems in an effective and timely manner.

**Qualifications and Skills: ** *Ph. D. in Biological Science (Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology) or a related field *Extensive experience in performing protein expression in bacterial and mammalian cells and subsequent purification using multiple methods requiring FPLC. *Ability to analyze data, use innovative methods to solve problems, and think critically. *Effective task-loading techniques to manage multiple projects efficiently. *Excellent written and oral communication skills with strong interpersonal skills. *Experience in project management or mentorship. *Ability to effectively work independently and effectively participate on multi-disciplinary teams. *Physical ability to lift up to 40 lbs and work at the lab bench for extended periods of time.

Skills not required but preferred: Protein expression in a cell-free system.

We would love to hear from you if: *You thrive in a collaborative environment. *You are a creative problem solver that believes in teamwork to tackle challenging scientific problems. *You take pride in being a self-motivated person and fast learner in order to meet goals under tight project timelines. *You think critically, are curious, and are motivated to explore and develop new technologies. *You are excited to apply your computational biology experience to drive therapeutic antibody development.


We have built out our structural biology and ML platforms in-house and use a combination of python and C-based tech stack.

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