Fig (S20)
Fig adds visual apps, shortcuts, and autocomplete to your terminal.

Typescript Engineer

San Francisco / Remote / Remote
About Fig

Fig is re-imagining the terminal.

Our first product is autocomplete. Under the hood, we have built an API that hooks into any terminal. We can do a ton of cool things, like this

Why Join Fig? Our mission is to make developers more productive. We want you to build tools that make you more productive. If you use these tools every day, chances are others will too.

If you join us, you’ll directly help shape:

  • Our future company culture
  • Our engineering practices
  • The people that we hire
  • The direction & focus of our products

About the role

Fig makes the terminal more productive and discoverable for developers. Despite being used by just about every developer, the terminal has barely changed since 70s. We think this is pretty crazy.

Fig is backed by Y Combinator, General Catalyst, Kleiner Perkins and a bunch of amazing devtools founders and executives.


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Build autocomplete and future Fig apps like these early prototypes
  • Talk to users, ideate on new products, then build them
  • Build tools that make it easy for other developers to build on top of Fig
  • Design systems to speed up internal testing and deployments
  • Create delightful user experiences

Key Qualifications

  • Full-stack Typescript (all of: React.js / Next.js, Redux, Node.js)
  • Experience architecting and maintaining large JS apps
  • CI/CD tools like GitHub actions
  • SQL / Postgresql and databases
  • Comfortable in the terminal

Bonus Points

  • Strong familiarity with the shell
  • Beautiful design skills
  • Experience building javascript libraries and frameworks
  • Experience building a developer tool (even if personal use)

About the Team

  • We work in office!
  • We are 50% internationals
  • We all care deeply about great DX: developer experience 
  • We are self-directed and self-motivated but work collaboratively as much as possible
  • We are a startup. We all wear many hats
  • We build tools that solve our own problems. It turns out lots of developers have these problems too
  • We guarantee you will laugh every day


Swift/Objective-C/C for our macOS app. Our pseudoterminal, window management, CLI, and our menu are written in combinations of these languages. We also make heavy use of macOS accessibility APIs.

Typescript/Javascript for all of our apps (including autocomplete). We use React to build autocomplete. Our bash parser and arg parser are written in Javascript. Fig's Autocomplete specs are in Typescript. Our website is Next.js and we have a simple Express backend. We are in the process of shifting to Typescript.

A lot of shell, CLIs, and systems We wrote integrations with bash, zsh, and fish in their respective languages. Our autocomplete app has to integrate with just about every CLI tool... We also go deep into signals, processes, and file descriptors.

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