Secoda (S21)
A collaborative knowledge management tool for data teams

Software Engineer

1+ years
About Secoda

At Secoda, we're working hard at building the central place where any employee can go to find and understand all knowledge related to company data. Make the experience of exploring and using data as intuitive, fast, and useful as using Google Search. Secoda stands for searchable company data and our vision it to continue to work towards a tool that makes browsing for data knowledge as easy as finding a website on Google.

Today, data teams are collecting tons of data, but most employees don't know what data exists, how to use it, and what data to trust. This confusion happens because different components of company data get collected in fragmented tools. Teams use dbt and Snowflake for data cataloging, Google Sheets for events, Confluence for general knowledge, Slack to manage data requests, Mode for reports, Github, Looker, the list goes on and on.

After teams switch to Secoda, data knowledge is centralized in one place. Instead of having to switch between Snowflake, dbt, Confluence Google Sheets, BI tool, and your query editor, Secoda keeps all your data knowledge in one place for everyone who needs it.

About the role

Skills: Flask, MySQL, Python, Neo4j, Elasticsearch, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Engineers on the team today:

  • Work with React (TypeScript), Python (Flask), Neo4j, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Docker & AWS.
  • Supportive—especially when teammates are faced with new challenges
  • Are left to autonomously figure out the solutions to their challenges
  • Put themselves in the shoes of our users to craft a great experience
  • Value clear, frequent communication
  • Enjoy being a generalist and are not tied down to a specific programming language or surface area of our codebase
  • Are naturally curious and willing to take a step to learn something they don’t have experience in
  • Feel a great sense of accountability to our users
  • Uphold best practices in engineering, security, and design

Skills & Experience

  • 2+ years of working full-time as a software engineer
  • A fundamental understanding of some of the core technologies in our stack

Here are examples of things we’ve worked on:

  • A searchable data knowledge graph of the different resources and relationships in a company's data ecosystem
  • A live query editor and chart creator for ad hoc analysis
  • Integrations to over 15 data sources with custom metadata models to map relationships between data automatically

Some projects in the pipeline

  • Design and implement maintainable backend services, including data processing pipelines, APIs, etc
  • Build integrations between Secoda and popular data tools (Fivetran, Segment, Census, Hightouch, Supergrain, Transform etc.)
  • Build a delightful and performant UI for better collaboration within the product
  • Design interfaces to help our customers understand complex data and relationships between the different data resources in their company


At Secoda there are many interesting technical challenges that come when building a collaborative data knowledge base. To give an idea of some of the projects you could be working on, here's an overview of some of the pieces of technology we've built so far.

Secoda's platform is built on top of a Neo4j graph database that makes organizing data resources and finding the between them simple and flexible. We have designed our own SQL parser to automatically find the lineage of data resources in a company's data ecosystem. We have created a SQL editor to run queries against popular data warehouses and built charting capabilities to showcase query results. We've implemented a task engine to schedule and run concurrent extractions from data sources. Our search engine is built on top of Elasticsearch to make searching across data resources fast and efficient. And all of the components in Secoda are organized into a microservice architecture leveraging Docker containers in AWS.

We've just scratched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to problems that we're solving, so if the idea of working to make data be more accessible and and easy to use excites you, come work at Secoda!

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