Product Manager at Arrow (S21)
One-Click Checkouts for Southeast Asia
Singapore / Remote
3+ years
About Arrow

Arrow is the fastest checkout for consumers in South-East Asia that works across all platforms. Arrow was founded by the early team that launched and scaled GrabPay across the region to become the no.1 digital wallet.

We are a high growth fintech startup homegrown in Singapore with global ambitions. Join us!

About the role

Arrow is building the fastest checkout for e-commerce in Southeast Asia. We allow online sellers to embed our checkout across any platform and collect payments in one-tap. We are a high-growth fintech startup, homegrown in Singapore and with global ambitions. Arrow is well funded by world-class angel investors and venture capitalists.

Get to know the team

The Product team is the heart of soul of Arrow. The team understands users intimately and builds products and features for users that they did not know they wanted. You will get to work cross functional teams and directly with the founders to drive product roadmap for the company.

Get to know the role

In this role, you will help drive strategy in how we power efficient and secure checkouts across the Internet, and make merchants better off in how they collect payments. You will execute that strategy with experimentative steps, calibrated short-long term plans, while not afraid of facing ‘one-step front, two-steps back’ scenarios as we ultimately nail down the right product and business model in which we do so.

The Day-to-Day Activities

  • Build highly streamlined, channel-integrated consumer checkout experience, pushing the boundaries of convenience, security and control in consumer payments
  • Manage complex ‘behind-the-scenes’ logic flow (given the multitude of payment gateway, payment method and jurisdiction combinations) that is necessary in maintaining the highly streamlined checkout experience in multitudes of user scenarios
  • Design product architecture that achieves platform scalability and modularity when it comes to payment gateway, payment method integrations, ensuring easy replicability of funds collection, disbursement and reporting functions of gateways/providers
  • Design the product aspect of core platform & e-commerce interfacing layer to ensure integration scalability with sales channels, maximizing modularity of - and minimising custom development to support - key read (product catalog, inventory, ‘state of the store’) and write operations (orders and payments mgmt.) with sales channel/online store apps
  • Build efficient merchant services, so that operations in onboarding merchants are productised effectively, and that merchants find as much delight as our checkout consumers using our merchant dashboard to manage all things payment collections related
  • Build localisation framework in language, currency, payment & checkout experience, and settings aspects, to support rapid growth into new markets
  • Play an active hand in steering our product-market fit journey, through understanding consumers and merchants alike, landscaping our product position, iterative solutioning and building foundations that power constant experimentation

What you'd likely have to succeed

  • A ‘front-liner’, you understand the importance of being personally on-ground and keeping a close ear to users (business or consumers), listening to their problems, asking the right consultative questions to understand, and thereby be able to design product solutions that truly solve their pain points
  • Intuitively quantitative – always weigh and measure opportunities and costs, whether from business economics or product metrics point of view, from large to small decisions
  • MVP-driven (cliché, yes, but necessary) – while you appreciate that all breakthroughs start with experimentation, you know to never invest more than the value you stand to learn.
  • You have product positioning awareness – you spot lucrative business opportunities, understand the persona behind them, yet you are ready to articulate why Arrow possesses the right to win in that space
  • You think structurally so that you minimise logical gaps in your train of thought, and ‘see components and modules’ in systems.
  • You are familiar with technicalities behind how B2C/B2B apps are built, and comfortable with basic understanding of engineering concepts, of APIs, and HTML/CSS/JS etc.
  • You possess the skillsets needed to execute strongly as a product manager – the ability to structure product scope effectively, to produce comprehensive PRDs, and actively shepherding the sprint as priorities fluctuate throughout the week

We’ve built a checkout for sellers that reduces that funnel to a single click or tap. Via our plugins, APIs, or checkout links, sellers can easily:

  • Embed Arrow checkout into stores built on any e-commerce platform, Iinstagram stories or Linktree profiles;
  • Send Arrow checkout links directly in DMs or WhatsApp messages; and
  • Generate shoppable QR codes for ad placements for the physical offline world.

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