Clerky (S11)
Makes legal paperwork easy for startups and their attorneys.

⚙️ Business Operations Lead

1+ years
About Clerky

We build software that helps people get transactional legal paperwork done.

Getting paperwork done involves many steps, from questionnaires to document generation to electronic signatures to contract management.  Entire companies and industries are built around each of these steps, but our software handles it all, from start to finish.

About the role

Here at Clerky, we build software to help startups and their attorneys get legal paperwork done both safely and easily. We're the most popular way for high-growth startups to form and raise seed financing. 

We're busier than ever, and are looking for a Business Operations Lead to help us keep everything running smoothly and make sure we're well-prepared for future growth. You'll be the first hire in business operations and work directly with the CEO.

Examples of what you might work on:

  • Writing internal documentation
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Setting up software, programs, and policies
  • Work with customer operations to resolve escalated customer issues
  • Managing job postings and keeping our recruiting processes organized
  • Organizing team activities
  • Employee and contractor onboarding and offboarding
  • Managing accounts payable for contractors
  • General project management
  • Data analysis and business metrics
  • Processing and organizing user feedback
  • Product partnership initiatives and relationships
  • Partnerships with accelerators and other startup communities

Minimum Requirements

  • You have an innate need to achieve operational excellence in everything you do
  • You want to move fast, but not to the point of breaking things
  • You love to get stuff done, but only the right way
  • You have exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • You check your work repeatedly, to the point where mistakes are rare
  • You easily notice subtle visual inconsistencies or misalignments that most people don't notice
  • You learn from constructive feedback well
  • You think from first principles and hate blindly following an established playbook
  • You're highly autonomous, but very comfortable working with others when needed
  • You can learn how to use most software on your own
  • You've worked in a similar capacity at a startup with less than 30 people for at least 1 year
  • You're able to have substantial overlap with U.S. business hours on a regular basis

We've been remote-first since 2013. If you're in the SF Bay Area and want to work in an office when the pandemic is over, we could probably arrange that.

Compensation is at the high end for a Series A / B startup based on geographic location, with full health insurance coverage and other standard benefits.


Mostly Ruby on Rails and Ember.js. Some Go, Scala, and C#.

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