Workbench (W20)
Workflow software to help CPG brands streamline product development

Full Stack Engineer

3+ years
About Workbench

We're building modern supply chain management software for consumer goods companies.

About the role

Skills: Ruby, Elixir, React

We're Workbench (YC W20) and we're building the modern technology stack to help consumer goods brands manage their supply chain and operations. We're funded by Dynamo Ventures, BTG Capital, and leading angel investors like Immad Akhund.

We're about to announce a merger with Doris Dev (, the industry's leading product design, development, and supply chain agency. Together with them, we're now working to release a new product in the quality management space.

We're looking for a talented full stack developer to join our new team post merger. We're looking for someone with either:

  1. An experienced Phoenix/Elixir Developer who also has front-end experience/familiarity.


  1. A strong developer with a background in Ruby and willingness to learn new technologies like Phoenix/Elixir who also has front-end experience/familiarity.

Remote friendly, strong pay, flexible hours, and fantastic work culture.

Come work with us and enable the next generation of commerce to grow faster than ever based on our platform.


React frontend, Phoenix/Elixir backend stack.

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