MedMe Health (W21)
Software for pharmacies to move beyond dispensing

Lead Product Designer

$80k - $95k0.10% - 0.50%

3+ years
About MedMe Health

Hi! We're MedMe Health; we help pharmacies move beyond selling drugs.

Our web-based patient care platform allows pharmacists for the first time to schedule, conduct, and document both virtual and on-site clinical services amidst a fast changing pharmacy industry. We're building the operating system for the pharmacies of the future, as they shift from drug stores to community health hubs.

About the role

We’re hiring a Lead Product Designer to design Canada’s leading cloud-based clinical service management platform for pharmacies. Our web app allows patients to easily book services like vaccines and connect with their pharmacists virtually, while empowering pharmacists with digital tools to deliver these services at scale. Your work will have a direct impact on millions of Canadians coast-to-coast; and like how EMRs changed the way Physicians practiced, we plan to become the primary software that powers the way Pharmacists practice.

As the sole designer on the team, you'll be working closely with the Head of Product, Engineering Team, and Business/Clinical Teams to create delightful, useful, elegant, and impactful software experiences for our users from ideation to launch/iteration. This includes owning the design cycle for new features/experiences and leading user research sessions. Most importantly, you will have significant autonomy, ownership, and impact throughout the product cycle to drive the product roadmap. If you are a self-driven, passionate, and ambitious designer who is ready to hit the ground running and thrives in navigating complex problem spaces, we encourage you to apply!

Please note that until further notice, this position will be remote.

Specifically, the candidate will:

  • Manage the full design cycle for each new feature/experience on the platform, including idea conception, user research, competitive analysis, UX design, prototyping, ticket creation/scoping through collaboration with developers, user acceptance/usability testing, and usage analytics:
    • Idea Conception: Proactively identify opportunities to improve the product through inputs like customer success (e.g. Intercom tickets), sales (e.g. prospective clients), product roadmap, product analytics, and ongoing user satisfaction/feature scoping interviews
    • User Research: Advocate for the users' needs through developing user personas, leading user/stakeholder interviews, and organizing user research into actionable insights.
    • Competitive Analysis: Identify relevant competitors (direct or tangential), familiarize yourself with their products features (strength, limitations, use cases etc.), and incorporate inspirations into MedMe's designs
    • UX Design: Map out and optimize user flows for intuitiveness, simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Design the optimal user flow and identify reasonable sub-userflows that can be standalone based on must-have, nice-to-have, and too-good-to-be-true categories
    • Prototyping: Create Figma UI wireframes at various levels of fidelity to be used to gather feedback and for development
    • Ticket creation/scoping through collaboration with developers: Work closely with the developers to communicate requirements, scope out the complexity of tickets, identify tradeoffs/timelines, share future iterations of the ticket, and recommend solutions to the Head of Product, and support development through continuously iterating on ticket requirements
    • User acceptance/usability Testing: Conduct platform testing on the development environment to ensure feature was designed to specification and identify further development work if required prior to launch
    • Usage Analytics: Implement and track product usage analytics post-launch through techniques like A/B testing, cohort analysis, etc. to understand how users are using MedMe and identify further opportunities for improvements. Strive for the ideal process where no feature is designed until the metric/analytics is in place to track the supposed feature.
  • Design Process: Establish internal tools, systems, and processes (like UI pattern toolkits, design communication standards, user research tracking, and stakeholder meetings) to optimize the design cycle
  • High-Level Design: Work with the Head of Product and the rest of the leadership team to provide input to the Product Roadmap and ensure coherent design + experience across all aspects of the platform (in-house, integrations, partnerships, etc.)
  • End-to-End Design: Collaborate with the Business Development, Customer Success and Sales team to define and optimize the end-to-end customer journey, from first impression and consideration, to engagement, purchase, onboarding, pilot/trial, upselling, and referral
  • Leadership: Help recruit, onboard, mentor, and manage a growing team of designers
  • Client Management: Support, participate in, and lead conversations/relationships with clients with regards to requirements scoping, product feedback, and presentation of new features

We're looking for someone who:

  • Has 3+ years of experience working as an individual contributor, ideally on small to mid-size teams
  • Thrives in ambiguous, fast-paced environments and can comfortably multitask, prioritize, and work under pressure to maintain tight deadlines
  • Is a self-starter—takes initiative, brings new ideas to the table, and is comfortable owning projects from start to finish
  • Possesses a practical understanding of creating usable, accessible, and sustainable design; as the company and product evolve, we require a forward-thinking designer to think beyond the product today and help shape the product tomorrow
  • Is able to produce beautiful, usable designs driven by strategic UX thinking shaped by business needs, user needs, and technical restraints
  • Is fluent with Figma and ready to contribute to our growing design system
  • Can speak the language of the tech—and if not, is more than willing to learn. We don't require you to be fluent, but you will be expected to work very closely with Engineering to provide context and recommendations around your designs

MedMe may be a good fit if you...

At a high level, we’re after individuals who have an appetite for growth both personally and for the responsibilities they own. We’re a passionate startup team with a tenacious work ethic and we rely on each other to succeed. We expect you to collaborate, integrate and grow professionally alongside the team.

We have a start-up culture where we stay on our toes ready to pivot to support new vaccine rollouts, legislation changes, or just better product ideas. We’re looking for candidates who share this entrepreneurial spirit and are comfortable leading within ambiguity. A key to making this culture work is clear and open communication. Every team member cares about feedback, enjoys collaboration, and communicates clearly and effectively.


We're looking for a passionate individuals in relentless pursuit of making an impact to join us on our journey in building the best platform for pharmacists as they shift from their dispensing based roles, to one that provides virtual care to chronically ill patients. Without adequate software and new workflows, we may see an entire workforce of 40,000 highly-trained clinicians (in Canada alone) slowly be phased out by robots and automation.

In addition to facilitating the transition for pharmacists to a new healthcare role based on their current education/training, MedMe is also for the first time capturing clinical pharmacy data with plans to integrate with health peripheral data (such as those from Fitbits and Apple Watches). This provides tremendous insights on the treatment journey of patients outside of the hospital, and opens up massive AI opportunities for: preventative medicine, insurance costs/ROI, pharmacological effectiveness, and healthcare consumer behaviours.

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