Sales Engineer at Retool (W17)
Build internal tools fast.
San Francisco
About Retool

Retool's a fast way of building internal tools (to manage deliveries, for customer support, etc.). We just hit profitability, have raised money from some great investors, including John + Patrick Collison (Stripe), Elad Gil (Color), Nat Friedman (Github), Greg Brockman (OpenAI), etc. We're looking to scale our engineering team from 15 people to around 25 this year.

Our thesis is that all internal tools have the same building blocks (tables, textinputs, dropdowns, etc.). So Retool gives you those building blocks, which you can combine and compose to make any sort of internal tool you might want. That's a lot faster than writing the same custom code, over and over again. Here's a 3 minute demo.

Our actual goal - though - is to build the future of programming. We think building boring, internal enterprise apps represents most of programming. And if you can make building these boring things a lot faster, you have a good shot at becoming what "comes after programming languages".

About the role


 Our sales engineering team is critical to Retool. Sales engineers drive revenue by partnering closely with potential customers and ensuring they’re successful with Retool.

A large portion of the Retool sales process is technical, ensuring potential customers understand how to build internal apps with Retool and deploy on their infrastructure. Building successful relationships with our customers (most of whom are engineers) is a key component of this role and you’ll leverage your engineering background to dive in. 

Our revenue and business goals this year are aggressive, and we need the right team help turn prospects into happy Retool customers. 


 Your workday will never be boring. You’ll dive deep with prospects to understand their technical environment and their business goals. You'll create and deliver demos, build apps within Retool with prospects, answer technical questions, and manage the technical close throughout the sales cycle.

You’ll partner with our sales leads as needed, particularly on enterprise deals, and we’ll look to you help build new processes and programs to help our sales team meet and exceed quota. 


You’ll join our team of sales engineers (who are engineers themselves!), account executives, and our SDR team. You’ll dive into sales forecasting meetings, partner with our sales leads to close deals, and work cross-functionally with the rest of the go-to-market team. 


You’ll be joining a broader team of Retools who are passionate about serving our customers, enjoy collaborating to build an incredibly innovative product, and partake in some occasional but well-intentioned sarcasm. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!  


  • Talk with potential customers, understand their problems, and assess whether or not Retool is a good fit
  • Identify relevant stakeholders, budgets, timelines, etc. and manage the entire sales process
  • Demo the Retool product, answer questions about Retool, ultimately convincing them Retool is the correct solution
  • Create technical content to demonstrate best practices (e.g. sample apps, documentation, videos, etc.)
  • Suss out the blockers for a customer in adopting Retool, and overcome them
  • Dive into our codebase to understand technical limitations in Retool that need solving via code (e.g. a bug, a missing feature, etc.) to close a deal
  • Serve as the primary, ongoing technical point of contact for our users
  • Answer technical questions from our customers as they come up 
  • Schedule and attend weekly check-ins with our largest customers


  • An enthusiastic, strong, technical generalist
  • A background in computer science or a related field
  • Technical experience in a professional environment, ideally a startup
  • Strong knowledge of SQL, various no-SQL databases, APIs, etc.
  • Comfort exploring Retool’s codebase (React / Node)
  • Previous experience talking with customers and solving their problems
  • Ablility to think on your feet, and solve problems during calls with technical customers

Retool is a Y Combinator-graduate backed by Sequoia Capital, as well as the founders of Github, Gusto, PagerDuty, Segment, and Stripe. Located in the heart of Hayes Valley, San Francisco, we build tools that delight our customers, empower businesses to run more effectively, and keep engineering teams happy.

Interested in what we're doing? We'd love to hear from you.


Node, React, Typescript, Javascript, Docker, Kubernetes

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