Enterprise Support Engineer at Retool (W17)
Build internal tools fast.
San Francisco
About Retool

Retool's a fast way of building internal tools (to manage deliveries, for customer support, etc.). We just hit profitability, have raised money from some great investors, including John + Patrick Collison (Stripe), Elad Gil (Color), Nat Friedman (Github), Greg Brockman (OpenAI), etc. We're looking to scale our engineering team from 15 people to around 25 this year.

Our thesis is that all internal tools have the same building blocks (tables, textinputs, dropdowns, etc.). So Retool gives you those building blocks, which you can combine and compose to make any sort of internal tool you might want. That's a lot faster than writing the same custom code, over and over again. Here's a 3 minute demo.

Our actual goal - though - is to build the future of programming. We think building boring, internal enterprise apps represents most of programming. And if you can make building these boring things a lot faster, you have a good shot at becoming what "comes after programming languages".

About the role


In the last year we’ve grown our customer base over 5x and have continued to enhance our product. With a growing base of enterprise customers and users, we have more questions, feedback, and tickets coming in than ever before. As we continue to grow, we’re adding more seasoned and customer-centric Enterprise Support Engineers to assist our largest Retool customers. 


Working in Support at Retool you’ll communicate with enterprise customers directly over many channels including Slack, email, and video calls.  You’ll be collaborating with customers through the full stack of running and hosting retool on-premise, from helping them connect data sources to tackling complex infrastructure challenges. You’ll help answer product questions, unblock the most difficult technical challenges, and teach customers best practices to help get maximum business value from Retool. 

Retool is a broad technical product, so ideally you are a generalist engineer and enjoy learning new technologies. On a typical day, you might help someone debug a database connection, API authentication flow, networking issues, or identity providers/SAML — often live on an impromptu screen-share to help a high value customer.


You’ll work with support engineers, software engineers, and success managers to troubleshoot and solve customer problems. Support is a small team today, but rapidly expanding to match our customer growth.


  • 2-4 years of experience providing technical support to engineers, preferably for a B2B product
  • Ability to lead troubleshooting calls and interact with customers live to inspect secure networks
  • A solid understanding of networking principles including TCP/IP, DNS, SSL
  • Strong CLI chops, you know your way around Linux and how track down obscure commands
  • Familiarity with at least one major VPC provider, I.E. AWS or GC
  • Strong written and in-person communications
  • Foundational JavaScript and SQL knowledge
  • Bonus points for familiarity with API and Identity authentication methods like OAuth 2.0, Okta, SAML; and familiarity with Docker

Retool is a fast way of building internal tools through our low-code drag-and-drop platform. We were founded in 2017 and graduated from YC the same year. Our Series A was led by Sequoia and we're backed by Daniel Gross (whose company is right upstairs from us!), John and Patrick Collison of Stripe, and Elad Gil, among others.


Node, React, Typescript, Javascript, Docker, Kubernetes

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