Product Designer at Easol (S18)
The all-in-one platform to manage your entire experience business.
3+ years
About Easol

Easol is the all-in-one platform for managing your entire experience business, on your terms. Sell directly on your own website with smart booking, payment, and marketing tools that all work together, brilliantly.

About the role

Easol is the all in one platform to run your experience business. We want to enable a new generation of experience creators to love what they do.

We're seeking a talented Product Designer to join our team based at our office in Bethnal Green/Cambridge Heath, London nr Broadway Market.

This role will work directly with the leadership team and will be responsible for helping us to build the future of 'Experience Commerce' with Easol.

About the Role

  • As Product Designer no.1 you'll work to building a deep understanding of our existing product, and ensure future iterations are in line with and coherent with our creator's needs.
  • Work closely will Easol stakeholders to find ways to improve our application's design.
  • Support in the visual design of components of our design system, and ensure new features are in line with this.
  • Maintain detailed user flows, product maps, and mock-ups for clear communication of the intent of a design decision.
  • Build out multi-version comps for user testing.
  • Quickly iterate rapid versions of our application for critique and testing.
  • Building high-fidelity versions for implementation

I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.

Ernest Hemingway


  • Knowledge of good web design practices for user interfaces
  • Knowledge of building design systems for reuse
  • Open to feedback and an advocate for a low-ego approach to work
  • Excellent communication skills, and ability to present to a team weekly
  • Hands-on and advanced skills in tools like Figma
  • Hands-on in creating wires, prototypes, storyboards and user flows
  • Hands-on HTML/CSS background a benefit

How you will be supported:

  • Working directly with the leadership team, as well as the product team - decisions can be fast and testing rapid.

About You

  • You love taking ownership and autonomy in designing and developing features, and love to see customers use the things you build
  • You find meaning and pleasure in helping others succeed.
  • You are hands-on with an attitude that no tasks is too small for you.
  • You have an incredible drive for success and a high work ethic.
  • You are process-oriented and always show meticulous attention to detail.
  • You are a team player who is compassionate, friendly and always seeks to empower others and learn from others.
  • You are organised, have excellent time management skills and know what key priorities you need to focus on.
  • You are adaptable and have a huge and never-ending desire to learn and improve. Our business is changing and growing fast and along with it are the demands and skills needed to succeed. You believe in the growth mindset and have no doubt that you can learn and develop almost any skill.
  • You are passionate about experiences. You are likely to spend your holidays kite surfing in Sri Lanka, hiking the Nepalese mountains or at an alternative music festival.

What you’ll enjoy about joining our team:

  • 25 days of holidays.
  • Opportunity to work in a dynamic, fun and challenging environment.
  • Easol strives to create a diverse and inclusive work environment where differences are respected and welcome.
  • We will provide enough flexibility and support for employees of all backgrounds and physical abilities to thrive.

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The technical challenges of building our application go from simplifying how the many different experiences can be modelled technically, and interfaces designed to edit them; to building low-code tools to help our creators build out their websites and sell their experiences. Underneath we might be optimising the speed by which our site-builder renders our customer's websites, or tuning how a complicated graph of objects aggregates into a simple product page for a conference where every event is pre booked after checkout.

We're looking for engineers who love to be self-directed, with great communication abilities, love problem solving, as well as exemplary experience in growing applications (bonus if you’ve experience in Ruby-on-Rails).

Here’s some things our team think are important, and hopefully you do to:

  • You want to work on something impactful - we help 100s of entrepreneurs build their experience businesses across 80 countries
  • You are passionate about great engineering cultures
  • Love contributing to every part of a system
  • You enjoy collaborating with different backgrounds and experiences
  • You have high ambition for yourself and the customers who use your software
  • You've worked on high growth applications, and know how to scale systems at the functional, and non-functional level.
  • You like teaching others more and less senior to your skills - we all have something to learn and something to teach
  • You place high value on tests, and observability of our work in production
  • Value detailed planning and design as well as autonomy on implementation
  • Place importance in pairing and code review as a way of collaborating

We're currently an engineering team of seven, so we're still at that stage where you can know all of what's going on, but also that stage where things are starting to speed up. We're currently working remotely, but are headquartered in Bethnal Green, East London near Columbia Road, Hackney Road and Broadway Market, and expect to be back in the office in late June.

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