Berbix (S18)
Instant ID checks: fight fraud, stay compliant

MBA Marketing Intern

San Francisco, CA / Remote / Remote
About Berbix

Berbix is building identity verification and fraud deterrence as a service. Founded by the former engineering and product leaders for Trust & Safety at Airbnb, we empower companies to confidently answer the question: “Are you who you say you are?"

This is a question many online platforms need to answer. We've started answering this question by creating four lightweight hosted verifications:

  • Verify an email address
  • Verify a phone number
  • Scan a photo ID
  • Confirm a street address

We then have an add-on framework that integrates with multiple backend providers to further increase our confidence that users on the other side of the screen are who they say they are. We are targeting three primary use cases:

  1. Age Verification

Ordering alcohol, nicotine, and marijuana online is quickly becoming the norm. Platforms need a confident way to ensure these orders are being made by and delivered to consumers above a certain age. Many have regulatory requirements to collect an ID. We also help other age-restricted services like online gambling.

  1. Fraud Deterrence

Every online platform has a fraud problem. By offering platforms a range of user-facing verifications, we're adding additional tools to their proverbial toolbox to help fight fraud. For example, requiring phone verification of a bona fide mobile number (as opposed to a virtual number) for high-value or otherwise riskier transactions.

  1. KYC ("Know Your Customer")

Cryptocurrency and other FinTech startups have various compliance requirements for identifying account holders. We provide a secure and user-friendly way to collect photo IDs from their users.

About the role

About Berbix

Berbix’s mission is to enable all individuals to prove who they are and control how their information gets shared. Founded by the former engineering and product leaders for Trust & Safety at Airbnb, we empower companies to confidently answer the question: “Are you who you say you are?"​

We’ve 10x’d revenue in the past year and signed leading brands such as Silver Car (Audi), Juul, Caliva, Skip Scooters, Sift, Life360 and Neo Financial. We serve customers in a broad variety of industries, recently raised our Series A led by Mayfield, and are actively growing our all-star team.

Job Overview

We’re looking for a Social Media Intern to join our diverse and fast-growing marketing team for the Summer of 2021! You will work directly with our GTM team to help grow our footprint across multiple social platforms and help nurture our community of users. With help from the marketing team, you will ideate, experiment and execute strategies and tactics to widen Berbix’s presence on key social channels.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Research communities (Twitter, Linkedin, Discord, Quora, Clubhouse) and determine which channels are the best to connect with Berbix’s target audience
  • Define social media strategy based on research findings
  • Build a Berbix community presence in targeted channels
  • Create a target list of influencers in each community
  • Coordinate with subject matter experts on messaging to engage in conversations on social channels


  • Pursuing a Masters or MBA program with one year completed by summer 2021 
  • Experience with social media required, such as managing a personal or work blog, Twitter presence, community forum, etc. 
  • Great written and verbal communication skills
  • Proactive spirit with a desire to pursue a career in marketing
  • Experience in a previous marketing role a plus, but not required
  • Flexible hours and remote work from home, with a competitive stipend


We are fully built on Google Cloud and are able to leverage a number of the services they offer. Our stack is currently:

  • Go and React on App Engine
  • Java, Node and Go on Kubernetes (where there is some limitation in App Engine)
  • Cloud Datastore and Cloud Storage

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