Hive (S14)
Customer data and email platform used by thousands of brands to personalize and automate their marketing campaigns.

Sales development manager

$65k - $85k0.20% - 0.50%

Kitchener, Ontario / Remote
3+ years
About Hive

Hive is an email marketing CRM used by brands to personalize and automate their campaigns. We pride ourselves on helping brands understand their email marketing, all while selling more and keeping their customers engaged.

We integrate with tech partners like Shopify and Eventbrite to let brands act on all their data, so they can easily segment their list in thousands of ways, and send more customized, timely email campaigns that land in inboxes.

We started our company inside a University of Waterloo computer lab in early 2014, graduated from Y Combinator that summer (S14 batch) and have been growing ever since. You’ll join our engineering team in Kitchener (

About the role

We’re looking for someone who is passionate about outbound sales and is intrigued by the intersection of ecommerce and email marketing. You’ll be the first member of our sales team and will have lots of freedom as you build from the ground up.

Job Responsibilities:

• You’ll create and develop outbound sales processes and strategy with a focus on growing our ecommerce customer base

• You’ll generate leads and work with marketing to funnel inbound leads into the sales pipeline

• You’ll be responsible for each step of the sales process and will be the main point of contact for potential customers

• You’ll set quarterly sales goals, track sales metrics and share them with the team on a regular basis

• You’ll stay up to do date on the ecommerce market and continuously iterate on the sales process

• You’ll onboard and work with new sales representatives as the company scales

Required Skills:

• You have first-hand experience in B2B sales, outbound sales strategy, and building out sales processes

• You love helping potential clients find real success

• You are organized and have the ability to manage several projects and conversations simultaneously

• You love to learn and stay up to date on effective sales tactics and market trends

• You have experience using various lead generation and lead management tools

• You’re a people person and enjoy chatting with and meeting new people

• You have strong communication and interpersonal skills

• You thrive in an autonomous environment, but aren’t afraid to collaborate or ask for help when you need to


• You understand email and SMS marketing, and have designed campaigns before

• You have experience in developing a sales team at a small organization

Bottom line... We're looking for curious, hardworking, down-to-earth people, who are passionate about helping brands build enduring relationships with their customers. You'll be well taken care of: meaningful equity, salary, and the benefits you need to be happy & healthy.


##Past Projects:

  • We built a state-based pipeline to send millions of personalized emails every day, while maximizing deliverability and reducing spam complaints based on real-time feedback from email providers like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.
  • We designed and built a simple intuitive interface to let our clients easily query their own customer data. Behind the scenes, it executes queries against billions of data points across different types of databases and combines the results together in seconds.
  • Using Kubernetes and Docker, we re-built the infrastructure and tooling that powers our background task processing system, which runs billions of jobs every day. We’re able to dynamically scale up and down our total processing capacity automatically based on workload - which means things execute faster for our clients, we save loads of money on idle servers, and our engineers can sleep at night.
  • We designed and built a Javascript SDK that other developers (our clients and partners) integrate directly on their websites and online stores to pump customer preferences and behaviour into Hive. Because of this (and our other integrations), our product often is the only place where our clients can view and store all of their customers’ preferences, behaviours, and purchase history in one single “database”.

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Sales development manager
Kitchener, Ontario / Remote
$65k - $85k
0.20% - 0.50%
3+ years