Regology (S18)
Regulatory compliance powered by AI

Product Manager @ Regology

Palo Alto or remote / Remote
6+ years
About Regology

Enterprises transform their compliance with an AI driven regulatory compliance solution.

About the role

Company: Regology
Team: Product & Engineering
Reporting to: Paul Bruin (CPO) and Pavan Bayyapu (CTO)
Location: Bay Area, Atlanta, or Remote (US)

Industry’s Challenge
The mission critical function of tracking what laws apply to a company and proving that the company follows those laws has been a patchwork of tools and manual processes, costing trillions of dollars to the global economy.

Our solution
Build a global library of laws specific to a company's business functions, automatically track updates, and automatically track compliance.

Value proposition

  • Regology eliminates wasteful manual processes and brings 80%+ ROI for the Compliance Executive
  • Regology reduces risk by tracking law changes and tracking when companies don't follow the law

Our Company
Regology is an early stage company headquartered in Silicon Valley with marquee enterprise customers. We are a small team but experiencing high growth, which means you set the sales team's culture. Our colleagues are passionate about thinking out of the box and delighting the customer. We live by our core values of hunger, humility, curiosity, and integrity.

The PM Role

  1. Set the long-term product vision and strategy.
  2. Communicate this strategy to all stakeholders, internal and external.
  3. Market assessment of the product, including quantified customer demand, cost to build & maintain, competitive landscape, defense moat.
  4. Collect customer needs through interviews and other data driven approaches.
  5. Maintain detailed features list and ruthless prioritization, all decisions based on data.
  6. Coordinate with User Experience lead and customers to iterate through the product.

As the first PM on our team, you will have the ability to set the tone and direction of our products, and influence our company culture around product management. We are a remote first company and offer great benefits. Our colleagues are currently based in Palo Alto, Phoenix and Atlanta. We are looking for someone who has a proven track record as PM for 5 to 7 years and looking to really make a difference at a smaller org.


We've built the largest unified law database of laws in the world that integrates into in-house and third party compliance engines.

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