KaiPod Learning (S21)
Making online learning more personal and more social

Managing Director, Academics & Enrichment

Boston, MA
3+ years
About KaiPod Learning

Are you a creator who wants to change the world of education? Not just tinker at the edges, but really change the way that children learn? At KaiPod Learning, we are embarking on this grand quest, and looking for a passionate, bold, and innovative fellow adventurer. If this sounds like you, read on!

KaiPod Learning provides an entirely new learning experience for K-12 students. Our students move at their own pace through a comprehensive curriculum, get 1:1 support from a dedicated Learning Coach, and take part in targeted enrichment activities every day.

Our model is a new option for families and learners who want more from their public education system. We operate by bringing together KaiPods, small groups of students paired up with a qualified Learning Coach. Students and Coaches work together to design their space, shape their learning, and organize enrichment activities that bring the curriculum into the real world.

We have developed an entirely new way to blend small-group instruction with online learning tools. In a KaiPod, students receive an educational experience that’s more personal than traditional schools, more social than online schools, more comprehensive than micro schools, and all at a fraction of the cost of private schools!

We are looking for passionate creators who want to help build the future of learning as we move rapidly towards launch in Fall 2021.

About the role

This isn’t your traditional school model, nor is it your traditional after-school program.

As leader of KaiPod Academics & Enrichment team, you will be developing an entirely new learning experience that blends online and in-person learning in new ways. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about creating a new model, rather than just executing on one that’s already been built for them. Some of your responsibilities will include:

  • Build out the KaiPod Learning Student Experience, including how we blend online learning with in-person supports, engage in project-based learning, and provide immersive enrichment activities aligned to students’ interests
  • Spend time with our students and parents to deeply understand their needs and design the types of experiences that would be highly engaging and effective
  • Develop and implement a strategy to recruit, hire, and train KaiPod Learning’s first class of Learning Coaches across the Boston area
  • Manage the entire class of Learning Coaches, providing them opportunities for observation, feedback, and ongoing professional development
  • Support the launch of KaiPod Learning in Fall 2021 to multiple locations across the Boston area and adapt rapidly to student feedback so we can refine the model

To land this gig, you will need to:

  • Demonstrate you are as passionate about helping students as we are. You don’t need to have been an educator, but you do need to care about education.
  • Be open to change; we are building something brand new and we will learn as we build. We need someone who likes testing hypotheses, knows how to make data-driven decisions, and isn’t afraid to be proven wrong.
  • Have experience hiring, leading, and developing educators; our impact will be through the Learning Coaches you manage so it’s really important that you have demonstrated success here.
  • Have experience creating curriculum and enrichment activities, especially incorporating project-based learning or other innovative forms of education.
  • Understand our target parents and students and appreciate how they make decisions. You don’t need to be a parent yourself, but can you think like one? Can you think like a middle-schooler? What excites them? What bores them?

And finally, we are an education company working with kids and changing the trajectory of their lives. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. To succeed, we are looking for candidates who are highly accountable, entrepreneurial, professional, and have ethics above reproach.

About the team: An important part of joining any early-stage startup is the team you’ll be working closely with.

You will report directly to Amar Kumar, the Founder & CEO. Amar has been in education for 15+ years, having been a teacher, a school principal, an education consultant, and most recently, the Chief Product Officer for Pearson’s Online K-12 division. In these roles, Amar got a first-hand view of the struggles faced by K-12 students and their families. These experiences led him to start KaiPod Learning, confident that learning can be made more personal and more social.

In addition to Amar, you’ll be working with colleagues and company advisors who are experts in education, marketing, product management, and strategy. And, we will all look to learn a lot from you when it comes to engaging students and taking learning into the real world!


We use the technology provided by online charter schools across the country. Most commonly, these are provided by Pearson Online & Blended Learning or Strive, Inc.

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