Matter (S20)
What's black and white and read all over?

Design Lead

$150k - $185k1.00% - 2.00%

6+ years
About Matter

Matter is a reading technology company founded in late 2019.

Reading is one of the most important things we do, yet our tools (think: Pocket, Kindle) are relics of the early internet.

Matter is currently in private beta on iOS. We’re backed by some of the best investors (and most demanding readers) in the world.

As the third engineer on the team, you’ll write many pieces of our core technology from scratch and will have a major impact on the trajectory of our product and organization.

About the role

What You'll Do:

Our CEO has been the designer to date and now it's time to bring on a world class lead to take Matter to the next level. As our first designer, you’ll own all facets of design, from the 10,000-ft level (what’s our information architecture?) to the 1-inch level (should this spring animation take 400 or 300 milliseconds?).

You’ll design across mobile, tablet, web, and email.

You’ll understand our users’ jobs-to-be-done, shape our roadmap, and figure out how features should work, look, and feel.

You’ll work with our CEO and engineers in tight, demo-oriented feedback cycles and you’ll work closely with our engineers on implementation. We ship quickly and you’ll help push the pace.

Why You Are:

  • Senior product designer with 5+ years designing widely used digital products
  • Strong conceptual and systems thinker who is also obsessed with pixel perfection
  • Proficient in interface design across mobile & web. Proficient in motion. (Experience in typography and illustration are a nice-to-have.)
  • Excited to push the boundaries of craft and UX. Excited to design for fidgeting
  • Share our orientation toward modern, elegant, clean, efficient aesthetics
  • Operate well in an early-stage environment where there's more change and less structure compared to a more mature company
  • Are passionate about reading and want to reimagine the status quo


Some tech you'll help build

  • Article and PDF parsers that use a combination of techniques (eg. NLP, computer vision) to achieve best-in-class performance
  • Data ingestion pipelines that consolidate content from disparate sources, including RSS, save-extensions, newsletters, and Twitter
  • Scrapers that find and ingest articles by specific writers wherever they occur on the internet
  • Audio-to-text transcribers that map audio files to editable transcripts (similar to Descript)
  • Subscriptions layer that lets users frictionlessly manage their paid subscriptions to 3rd party publishers
  • Integrations with Readwise, Roam, Notion, and other services
  • A powerful and simple API
  • Models that profile the "DNA" of articles (eg. quality and complexity of writing, topics, political valence, and so on)
  • Content recommendation systems that take into account behavioral data, social signals, and other factors

Our Stack

  • Django, Postgres, Redis, Celery in the backend
  • Swift iOS app with Realm for local datastore
  • React for internal tooling
  • Comfortable dev environment using Git, Docker, automated tests, and continuous deployment
  • Run entirely on AWS
  • GitHub, Slack, Notion, Figma, Linear

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