Brick (W21)
The safest way to pay for home improvements.

Product Engineer

$100k - $150k0.50% - 2.00%

3+ years
About Brick

Our payments product builds trust in the transaction by removing the payment negotiations and aligning incentives between homeowners and contractors. For our homeowners we offer a standard $500 initial deposit and a safe and easy checkout experience (including financing options) once the project is done. For our contractors we offer a guaranteed initial deposit up to 80% and instant payments at project milestones and completion.

About the role

Skills: JavaScript, Node.js, React, TypeScript

We're hiring an experienced, product-oriented full-stack software engineer to own and drive Brick’s product engineering. We're looking for someone who is excited about using data to deliver a delightful customer experience that helps homeowners increase their home value through home improvements. You might be a good fit if you have a strong desire for end-to-end technical ownership, an appreciation for thoughtful, data-driven customer experiences, and care more about getting things in the hands of customers than using the latest technology

About Brick: Brick (YC W21) is the banking platform for homeowners that want to increase their home value. Our initial financial product pairs ROI analysis with 0% financing to help homeowners plan and pay for improvements that most increase their home value. Our ultimate vision is to become the "CarFax for homes" by managing all home spend to create a real-time index of home value data.


Our Tech Stack: React, Typescript, PostgreSQL, AWS Experience in a JavaScript or TypeScript or Node environment. Experience with modern, functional UI paradigms. We use React. Experience building and managing distributed systems with AWS. We use services like Elastic Beanstalk, PostgreSQL, S3. Experience working with financial and/or real estate data and transactions. (Bonus)

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Product Engineer
Full Stack
$100k - $150k
0.50% - 2.00%
3+ years