Fig (S20)
Fig adds visual apps, shortcuts, and autocomplete to your terminal.

Fig (YC S20) Hiring DevOps Engineer / Contractor to help build Autocomplete for the Terminal

3+ years
About Fig

Fig adds visual apps, shortcuts, and autocomplete to your terminal. Our aim is to make the Terminal more accessible to beginners and more productive for advanced engineers.

What does Fig do?
Our first product is autocomplete. We plan to expand into a full App Store ecosystem for the Terminal. Here are some examples of some of the cool things we can do.

How does Fig work?
Under the hood, we have built a suite of APIs that hook into your existing terminal and shell. We inject these APIs into a lightweight browser so you can build terminal apps with web technologies (html/css/js) 😀

Learn more + drop your resume here:

About the role

Skills: Git, JavaScript, Bash/Shell

Fig is building VSCode like autocomplete for the terminal.

We are looking for contractors to help us build "autocomplete specs" for existing CLI tools. A spec is just a simple tree-like definition of a CLI tool. We use the spec to generate suggestions. The specs are designed to be ridiculously easy to build. We automate as much as possible, but there are just some manual parts we need help with.

Here are some links with more info about our specs:

We are looking to immediately hire a contractor who:

  • has strong devops background: good familiarity with the shell
  • has basic-intermediate javascript knowledge (you know what the .map fn does)
  • has access to a mac running Catalina or above
  • is open to $60/hr
  • is able to put in minimum 10hrs per week (ideally way more!!) for the next 4+ weeks

If this is interesting, email me: [email protected].

We want to move super quick here, so if things go well, we'd love to get you started straight away (seriously no joke - we are launching Fig very soon, hence the urgency!)


Frontend: vue.js/react.js

Backend: Currently Swift and C. As we go cross platform, we may switch to C++ or Golang.

Other: We do a lot of bash/zsh!

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