Product Lead (Egypt, Saudi, Pakistan, UAE) at Trella (S19)
Trella is a platform that connects shippers to carriers. Trella offers services and technology to empower drivers, improve their efficiency, boost their earnings and utilization as well as creating job opportunities.
Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi, UAE / Remote
6+ years
About Trella

Our vision is to empower carriers and intelligently move freight - creating unprecedented economic opportunities in the logistics space while allowing shippers to book reliable, affordable and high quality loads.

Trella aims to structure and regulate the freight industry with a goal of improving efficiency and reducing waste throughout the entire supply chain. This can only be achieved through building technology to create an interconnected network of carriers and shippers.

Through this technology, Trella will improve shipping routes, increase container utilization and efficiently batch shipments. This will effectively reduce costs throughout the entire supply chain, improving carrier and shipper economics and ensure both ends of the marketplace profitably grow their businesses - creating unprecedented economic opportunities in the logistics space - while reducing environmental waste.

About the role


Key Job Purpose: If you get excited by building efficient, scalable platforms that enable new businesses to succeed, this is the perfect role for you.

Key Responsibilities: Launching new markets and service offerings. Defining and communicating product plan from conception to launch. Analyzing the results of the launch and creating the plan to iterate and build new features. Prioritizing features based on business impact and available resources. Proactively filling communication gaps amongst all team members. Contributing to technical conversations around deadlines and engineering solutions. Driving product research priorities for the research team. Making magic out of the complicated and antiquated freight industry through intense focus on simplification and shipping minimal viable products.

Minimum Requirements: Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (preferably in either computer science/engineering or a quantitative domain like math/stats/physics). Work Experience: 7-8+ years of relevant experience in product management Ability to write SQL queries (nice to have) Track record of successfully building software platforms and collaborating with partner platform teams Experience communicating technical concepts to a non-technical audience. Technical expertise and the ability to question, understand, and challenge software implementation decisions and priorities. Passionate curiosity to learn and adapt to dynamic research, development and industry knowledge A bold and optimistic personality: We’re coming to work everyday challenging the status quo, and we’re looking for people comfortable asking bold, quirky questions, along with the mental resilience to know we’re just at the start of a long journey

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