Memberstack (S20)
Add user accounts and payments to any website with one line of code

Web Designer & Webflow Expert

Any (new grads ok)
About Memberstack

We build software that helps developers add authentication, billing, and membership functionality to any project with one line of code.

Why Memberstack?

Our goal is to enable more people to build and scale online businesses.

It's never been easier to build a website, but the opportunity to build or own an online business is still out of reach for the vast majority of people. That's why we're creating tools that make it easier & more affordable to spin up a web app, operate and scale an online business, and get paid.

Progress so far

A lot has changed in the last 1-2ish years. We started an agency to prove the concept in 2018, launched on Product Hunt in July 2019, and now Memberstack supports over 1,300 companies 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 Collectively, our customers have made over $10 million and created accounts for 500k people.


We're a small team of 7, have 5 years of runway, and earlier this year we raised money from Gradient Ventures, a cofounder of Firebase, the founder of Teachable, and 12 others in the payments/auth space.

About the role

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  • Full-time (40hr/wk)
  • Contract to hire
  • Work remotely (Europe or US Timezones. EST preferred)
  • Long term (12+ months)

What to expect

👋 Day one → Work with the team to make one meaningful improvement to Memberstack's website and release a new clone-able project for the community.

🌱 Week one → Run a modified "design sprint" with the team to uncover ways to help the WF community. By the end of the week, we should have established our objectives for the next few months.

🌳 Month one → Let's bring on a few junior freelancers to distribute the workload & run more tests. By the end of the 30-days, we should see meaningful improvements in the marketing site and we should have a system for creating consistent value in the WF community.

🏁3-4 months → We're seeing a measurable improvement in the number of Webflow leads & customers. You're managing our growth strategy in Webflow, managing the production of freebies/community activities, and spending a few hours each week improving and updating the

🎯 KPI → Your ongoing metric will be the # of Webflow trials and the # of new Webflow subscribers each week.

About this role and why it's critical

Keep Memberstack's Website Looking 🔥🔥🔥 is the face of our company and our product. 100's of thousands of new users every year, so it's important their first experience with Memberstack is a good one.

Re-establish Our Presence in the Webflow Community

We love Webflow and its wonderful community. Our first 100+ customers all used Webflow, our beta group used Webflow, our marketing site is in Webflow, and we use it every chance we get. We wouldn't be here without it! Let's work together to support the community and re-establish our presence.

Does this sound like you?

  • You have an eye for modern UI design.
  • You love design thinking & your design process is always at the ready.
  • You've "managed" projects in the past with multiple stakeholders/collaborators.
  • You're a Webflow power user & familiar with the community.
  • You iterate quickly and seek feedback often.
  • You ship stuff. You agree that done is better than perfect.
  • Bonus: You've worked with web design/development clients in the past.
  • Bonus: You can create your own illustrations.
  • Bonus: You know JavaScript & can build basic web apps.
  • Bonus: You're active in online communities and you're not shy when it comes to sharing online.

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We build authentication & billing infrastructure that is beautiful, best-in-class, and easy to use — with or without code.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Express, Node.JS, GraphQL and lots of APIs 🛠️

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Web Designer & Webflow Expert
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Any (new grads ok)