MagicBell (W21)
The notification inbox for web/mobile applications.

Founding Product Manager

$90k - $130k0.75% - 1.25%

6+ years
About MagicBell

MagicBell is the notification inbox for web & mobile apps.

As consumers of many apps, we have personally experienced the growing volume of notifications - many of which add to our anxiety instead of helping us manage it. MagicBell is on a mission to end this chaos and help every app deliver a stellar notification experience.

We do this by offering a beautifully designed notification inbox that apps can embed in their products in minutes. We do all the heavy lifting related to real-time delivery & syncing, web & mobile push notifications, email notifications, and even notification preference management.

We sit at an interesting intersection of a dev tool & a productivity tool for end-users. We are helping every app make its users more productive! Some of the best startups like Pitch use MagicBell to power their notifications. We are post-revenue and well funded.

The co-founders are experienced programmers and entrepreneurs and have built a successful SaaS business in the past. We have a bias for people who want to start their own companies, and we believe that we can help you do that by exposing you to the early days of building a startup. We are also prolific angel investors! :)

Finally, we are a company that embraces diversity - one of us is a transgender woman, and another a Latino (Hola!). We have been working remotely for a decade and understand how to work across timezones asynchronously. Our environment isn’t perfect, but we strive to create a positive workspace that we want to be part of each day.

If you like to work hard (we strive for 45 hr/wk), enjoy being responsible for a startup's success, and love programming, this should be a great job for you. Say hello!

About the role

Skills: SQL

MagicBell is the notification inbox for web & mobile apps.

We are hiring a founding product manager to help us build our product and our company. You will have an opportunity to shape our product, our go-to-market strategy, and the culture of the company.

Great companies like Pitch use MagicBell to make their users more productive by sending timely and relevant in-app and push notifications. We sit at an interesting intersection of a dev tool & a productivity tool for end-users. We are post-revenue and well funded.

In this role, you will

  • Work with the founders on capturing the vision for the product and turning it into a product backlog.
  • Keep the product backlog up to date based on the feedback from customers and the data.
  • Write detailed product specs and design mockups that unblock engineers and designers.
  • Engage our user community by writing release announcements, blog posts, and newsletters.
  • Hire other product leaders and help us scale the organization with good processes.

To be successful, you need to have

  • 5+ years of experience in product management at a high growth startup, or in running your own startup, with a product-focused role. A major plus would be some experience in working as a programmer in the past.
  • Customer obsession - you should enjoy getting to know our customers, understand the jobs they hire us to do, and think of the best ways to serve them.
  • Comfort with ambiguity and uncertainty - we are a pre-product market fit startup so naturally, we expect to learn a lot from our customers and evolve our product roadmap and GTM over the year.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills. Being a remote company, we rely on detailed product specs and well-articulated discussions to make progress on our product. We also blog a lot to communicate product announcements and product vision to our customers.
  • A strong technical aptitude. In particular, a good understanding of how API power the world, the role of webhooks, and well-formed opinions on crafting a great developer experience.
  • A strong design sense and well-formed opinions on crafting a great user experience. A high degree of proficiency in creating mockups and click-through prototypes.
  • Proficiency with SQL and analytics tools like Mixpanel.


Here are the tools/technologies we use

  • Ruby on Rails
  • React (with Mobx)
  • AWS
    • Postgres
    • Redis
  • Docker & Kubernetes

Here are some technologies on our medium-term radar

  • Kafka
  • Go (for kafka consumers)


  • Test driven development with Jest, Rspec and Storybooks.
  • An agile(ish) process for product development
  • An all-team customer support/success mindset.

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