MagicBell (W21)
The notification inbox for web/mobile applications.

Senior Backend Engineer [Fully Remote]

$90k - $130k0.75% - 1.25%

6+ years
About MagicBell

MagicBell is the notification inbox for web & mobile apps.

As consumers of many apps, we have personally experienced the growing volume of notifications - many of which add to our anxiety instead of helping us manage it. MagicBell is on a mission to end this chaos and help every app deliver a stellar notification experience.

We do this by offering a beautifully designed notification inbox that apps can embed in their products in minutes. We do all the heavy lifting related to real-time delivery & syncing, web & mobile push notifications, email notifications, and even notification preference management.

We sit at an interesting intersection of a dev tool & a productivity tool for end-users. We are helping every app make its users more productive! Some of the best startups like Pitch use MagicBell to power their notifications. We are post-revenue and well funded.

MagicBell embraces diversity - one of the founders is a transgender woman, and another a Latino (Hola!). They are experienced programmers and entrepreneurs and have built a successful SaaS business in the past. With a decade of working remotely under their belt, they understand how to work across timezones asynchronously.

We are only accepting applications for the opening(s) below. If you still think you would be a great addition to the team, please help us understand more about you through this form. If you do not fill out this form, then your application will not receive a reply. Thank you.

About the role

Skills: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL

MagicBell is a B2B SaaS startup addressing the products' notification challenges. We graduated from YCombinator earlier this year and raised $1.9m in seed funding.

Tech Stack

Our backend stack is Ruby on Rails with a healthy serving of background processing. We use Sidekiq at the moment, but we’d like to add Kafka to our stack. We deploy to AWS using Docker and Kubernetes and utilize many of their hosted services (like RDS for Postgres). We aren't a standard-issue Rails app. For example, we use gems like interactor, and dry-rb to write high quality test-driven code. We are always looking for ways to improve the architecture of our backend.


  • Work with the founders shoulder to shoulder in building the new standard for notifications:
    • Managing the backend code and infrastructure (which is code too!). This involves setting up new processes for shipping faster and more reliable updates.
    • Shipping new features to our admin (that customers use to manage their MagicBell experience).
    • Shipping new API endpoints and improving existing ones.
    • Managing our Ruby Gem (and other SDKs if you are a polyglot).
    • Optimizing database performance as we scale up to billions of notifications a month.
  • Hire, attract and onboard other smart engineers.
  • Shape the culture of our company to create the next Stripe, Twilio, or your favorite company.
  • Be our developer evangelist:
    • Our go-to-market strategy involves bottom-up developer adoption. Therefore our entire team is an evangelist for our product - all of us write blog posts sharing what we have learned, and talk to users (we have some of our biggest customers on shared Slack channel). We have also built some fun little hacks to get developer attention, like our Hacker News Chrome extension and Firefox addon.


  • Worked with Ruby on Rails for at least 4 years.
  • Willingness to go above and beyond.
    • For example, keeping track of new security vulnerabilities that might impact us or fixing customer issues proactively and notifying them.
  • Enjoy taking on challenging responsibilities.
  • At least a 3 hours overlap with the EST day time from 9am to 12pm.

If you do not match the Ruby on Rails requirement, but adhere to everything else. You can apply using this Typeform that will give us more background on you and follow us on Linkedin for future openings.


  • Test-driven development with Rspec, and an understanding of integration testing.
  • Extensive experience with SQL (and specifically Postgresql).
  • A good understanding of software architecture & object-oriented design patterns (like SOLID).
  • Good writing ability as demonstrated by documentation, README, or blog posts you have written.
  • Excellent communication skills in English.
  • Respect for other people's time - For example, showing up for meetings on time and not canceling the last minute.
  • Want to start their own companies either now or in the future. You get hands-on learning of what building an early-stage startup is like. The founders are prolific angel investors.

Interesting Challenges

We know you want to tackle interesting challenges and we have quite a few for you

  • Consider and make suggestions about the UX as you build new features or improve existing ones.
  • State management across multiple devices with real-time synchronization.
  • Build robust logging and analytics to help our customers understand the flow of their notifications.
  • Engineering reliability and performance so we can scale up with our customers.

If you read the entire job description, please list out which of the nice-to-haves you possess in the last question of the application form.


Here are the tools/technologies we use

  • Ruby on Rails
  • React (with Mobx)
  • AWS
    • Postgres
    • Redis
  • Docker & Kubernetes

Here are some technologies on our medium-term radar

  • Kafka
  • Go (for kafka consumers)


  • Test driven development with Jest, Rspec and Storybooks.
  • An agile(ish) process for product development
  • An all-team customer support/success mindset.

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