Queue (S20)
Platform for providing services online built for creatives

Content creator with background in creative freelance/agency world

$40k - $100k0.25% - 1.00%

3+ years
About Queue

Queue is a platform that lets video production teams collaborate and get feedback on their work. We give you the tools needed to get feedback on your work, paid safely, and scale your business to handle many more clients at once.


The vision of the company is to build a platform that makes it easy for anyone from a freelancer to a large agency to provide their services online. We'll make it easy to handle everything from getting feedback, collaboration, and even getting paid. We're used by thousands of video production teams, esport coaches, and more.

Our culture

If there's one thing we value at Queue, it's feedback. If you're doing great, we'll tell you that you are. If you're not performing, we'll tell you and figure out a plan for it. We value fast communication and people who loves autonomy. The ones who are self reliant and says "idk how to do that, but i'm gonna go figure that shit out real quick".

About the role

You will be working on creating content that's targeting creative freelancers/agencies. For that reason you'll need to have a strong background in the creative space, not only as a creator but also as someone who's able to teach others on how to be successful at launching/running their online creative business. You'll be working closely with one of the founder who will allocate roughly half of his time to working with you on the company marketing.


  • Youtube content creation (including video edits)
  • Test other content creation avenues (podcast, blog, e-book, university type courses)
  • Manage our community


  • Background in creative space including launching/running online creative business
  • Extremely fast learner willing to wear many hats
  • Autonomous with a go getter mindset

Think of this role as being a Youtuber whos running his channel and community.


  • Ruby on rails
  • ReactJS
  • React Native
  • ElectronJS

Other jobs at Queue

Content creator with background in creative freelance/agency world
$40k - $100k
0.25% - 1.00%
3+ years