Full-Stack Engineer at Keeper Tax (W19)
$110k - $180k  •  0.10% - 0.45%
Tax software for gig workers
San Francisco, CA
1+ years
About Keeper Tax

Keeper Tax helps independent contractors and freelancers discover tax deductions and file taxes. Help over 250,000 Americans save an extra $1,249 / year (on average)!

About the role
Skills: JavaScript, Node.js, React, React Native, SQL

Call it the gig economy, passion economy, or just side hustles, over half of Gen Z workers are now getting paid with 1099 contracts. Tax law is confusing and many workers with 1099 income don’t realize how many tax write-offs they’re missing.

Keeper Tax’s mission is to build tax software for the next generation of workers. Our product helps workers with 1099 income:

  1. Identify tax write-offs automatically
  2. E-file come tax time
  3. Connect with tax professionals for any questions they might have

On average, our users save $1,200 per year using our product!

As a software engineer at Keeper Tax, what will I be working on?

Here are some examples of projects we have on our roadmap:

  • Tax University tab: We have a lot of amazing content on our public website that helps freelancers learn more about taxes, and draws them into our product. We'd like to build a Tax University tab that gives our app users access to this content, and even customizes it for the mobile format (for example, by adding gamification).
  • Form OCR: In our tax filing product, users are able to upload PDFs and images, which we then parse using a hybrid system of OCR and contractors. However, this system has issues with accuracy (both from OCR and from manual processing), so we would like to invest in improving our OCR capabilities for next tax season.
  • Transaction search: In our expense tracking product, we have a basic UI for searching and filtering expenses, but there are parts of the current UX that are not ideal. We want to implement a redesign of the search interface that uses space more efficiently, adds advanced filters, and makes the filtering workflow more efficient.

You would be a good fit for Keeper Tax if:

  • You want to move fast, and you don’t like being blocked. We believe in "ask forgiveness, not permission."
  • You care more about product than technology. We use React, Node, and SQL because they're standard. They have a lot of libraries that are well-used and well-maintained, and there are a lot of resources, both for getting started and for debugging advanced problems. I want our biggest problems to be related to figuring out what we want to build and what problems we can solve for the user, not figuring out the technology.
  • You want to have a significant hand in planning and managing your own work. At Keeper Tax, you will own features end-to-end (from brainstorming with PM to publication to the app stores).
  • You believe that we are stronger together than apart. You are willing to help other engineers with questions, code review, and brainstorming. You are willing to help PM and data with technical questions.


  • You’ve previously built features with React, Node, and SQL and have gotten them into production
  • You live in SF or are willing to relocate
  • You don’t require visa sponsorship
Interview Process
  1. Call with the hiring manager: We’ll go over your background and what you want out of your next job. Tell me about something you built that you’re proud of.
  2. Take home exercises: We’ll schedule a time for you to do a couple of React and JavaScript exercises. In the React exercise, you'll build a UI that fetches data from a backend. In the JavaScript exercise, you'll solve an array manipulation problem.
  3. Onsite: We’ll schedule a time for you to do a couple of system design exercises, plus a brainstorming exercise with PM. In the first live exercise, you'll build a REST API and come up with SQL queries for those endpoints. In the second live exercise, you'll architect a system to solve a customer problem.
  4. References: I'll ask you for 2 references (including one former manager).
  5. Offer

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