Veera Health (W21)
We treat women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in India

Product Manager

Mumbai / Remote
3+ years
About Veera Health

Veera Health is building solutions to help women in India manage chronic health conditions. Our mission is to provide holistic and compassionate science-backed care with an unrelenting focus on patient experience. We partner with leading providers to offer cutting edge medical advice and utilize remote monitoring tools to improve patient compliance. We're a women-led team of McKinsey / Yale / UnitedHealth / Tufts alumni with mission to help women lead their happiest, healthiest lives.

About the role

Skills: Processing

Veera Health is hiring our first Product Manager to join the team.

We are a VC-funded company and backed by YCombinator - the world’s #1 tech accelerator based in Silicon Valley and first investors in Airbnb, Razorpay and Dropbox. We're building modern healthcare solutions for women that combine the power of medicine, behavioral change and telehealth to improve her health long-term. Our mission is to equalize the gap in healthcare access for women by providing consumer-focused, scientific, progressive care at her fingertips.

We are looking for a talented product manager to be our first Product Lead. You will work directly with a world-class founding team (McKinsey, UnitedHealth, GlaxoSmithKline, Accenture, Wharton alumni) to build technology that improves lives for millions of women.

As a Product Manager, you will work directly with the founders, collect deep insights from existing customers and execute on product development. You will use data to craft a vision for the product and turn it into reality. Most of all, you'll be part of a mission-driven company that believes in providing equal access to high-quality healthcare for those traditionally underserved.


  • Lead product development based on customer insights and input
  • Prioritize and plan features based on patient and provider requirements
  • Maximize user acquisition by optimizing conversion funnel
  • Build stickiness and maximize customer engagement

Preferred Qualifications

  • Previous experience as a product manager or lead at an early-stage start-up, or similar fast-paced environment
  • Entrepreneurial and able to see the product and tech in the broader context of the business
  • Ability to move fast and adapt; build-measure-learn to find product-market fit
  • A user-first mindset and a passion for great design and usability
  • Great communication skills and the ability to work well with others; team player
  • Experience using data to make decisions and optimize funnels - e.g., Google Analytics, SQL, MongoDB, Mixpanel, etc.
  • BONUS: Product management experience in a consumer tech / healthtech company

Location Remote or in Mumbai We are headquartered in the US

What we offer At one of India's fastest growing healthtech companies, you will get:

  • Competitive salary and equity stake in a rapidly growing VC-funded startup
  • Accelerate your career by working in a fast-paced environment with the freedom to take on a range of different responsibilities.
  • Work closely with founders who have worked at some of the best healthcare and consumer organizations in the world. We are driven to succeed but also caring colleagues who value and care for each other.
  • Opportunity to craft the early vision and growth of a first-of-its-kind, cutting-edge, consumer healthcare brand.
  • Work towards a deeper mission of improving access and quality of healthcare for women, a massively underserved market.

More details on the role available here:


Through our tech, we (i) monitor treatment remotely with the aim of improving patient experience & compliance, (ii) collect & analyze patient data to come up to improve future treatment, (iii) provide a safe and secure platform for our providers to engage with their patients.

Our tech stack - Android and iOS app - React Native Website - React JS Backend - NodeJS DB - MongoDB

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