Enterprise software to quantify cost-effective decarbonization solutions.

Senior Product Designer - Climate Change

$70k - $120k0.10% - 0.30%

3+ years

SINAI is a San Francisco based technology company focused on transforming the way companies measure, price and analyze carbon emissions globally. We are providing the knowledge to unlock future capital growth as well as climate risk mitigation, carbon emissions disclosure, and operations efficiency.

Our first product to market is a Corporate Carbon Pricing Software. An end-to-end cloud platform that helps carbon-intensive companies to build their climate strategy, price carbon emissions and find the most cost-effective way to achieve emissions reductions targets.

About the role


Our mission is to engage companies to include carbon analysis in their entire operations. We do not simply talk about climate change. We help to build a carbon strategy based on understanding current and projected footprint, modeling projects to mitigate emissions, and finally helping customers to define a price on carbon.


We are rapidly building new modules and improving experience in existing parts of the platform, so you will have a chance to have a major input in shaping UI/UX in both customer facing and admin sides of the platform. Working with a complex multi-level, multi-role platform you will have to exercise your creativity and analytical thinking, constantly evaluating decisions from multiple perspectives, finding easier pathways to help us bring this much awaited tool for our customers. You will be in charge of delivery to the development team of highly detailed mockups and thought through interactions, prepared to give rationale behind proposed solutions and be open minded to feedback coming from product, business, customer success and engineering teams.


  • Interest in solving climate change
  • 4 - 6 years of experience with complex systems with focus on data collection, reporting, and analytics. Ideally on a couple different products or product contexts
  • Tech proficiency in Figma (3+ years), fluency with reusable components, constraints, auto-layouts, styles etc.
  • Understanding of multi-user interfaces
  • Advanced knowledge of data visualizations
  • Experience with Lean UX and rapid prototyping at varying levels of fidelity (paper, sketch, hifi, etc)
  • Being a fast and open-minded learner


  • Experience with data visualization libraries (d3, plotly etc)
  • Experience in development and ability to put themselves in the developer shoes
  • Delight in using a variety of tools (e.g. Miro or mind mapping software to help yourself understand architecture and user flows)
  • Eager to help us test thoroughly delivered solutions
  • Understand UX research and would love to facilitate a session when given a chance
  • You are empathetic and can understand internal user and client needs
  • You can participate in technical conversations about data and system architecture just as easily as you can participate in conversations about customer problems and business needs


We are passionate about technology and the environment, and our mission is to engage companies to include carbon analysis in their entire operations, transforming the way they interact with their own business, their value chain, and the environment. Our product is the first carbon strategy analytical platform helping companies all over the world to put a price on their carbon emissions. We recently graduated from YC's W20 batch with venture backing.

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Senior Product Designer - Climate Change
$70k - $120k
0.10% - 0.30%
3+ years