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Growth Lead

$120k - $165k0.01% - 0.50%

Any (new grads ok)
About Sunsama

We're building Sunsama. It's a daily planner that helps you plan and prioritize your most important work each day by pulling together your tasks from all your tools (Asana, JIRA, Github, Trello, etc) and putting them side by side with your calendar.

We've raised money from YCombinator, Foundation Capital and Menlo Ventures.

About the role

Sunsama is a fast-moving team of five looking to add a growth lead. We are default alive, rapidly approaching profitability, have early product-market fit and a product customers rave about.

We are hiring a growth lead who will take ownership of:

(1) the day to day performance of our paid advertising

(2) retaining, reactivating, and nurturing our existing user base of 120K+

(3) experimenting with new ways to acquire customers inside and outside our product

You'll be well suited for this role if you are self-sufficient, autonomous and comfortable running paid ads, writing empathetic and educational content and have basic design, no-code, and analytics skills.

We're building Sunsama because work doesn't need to be stressful and crazy. We want to help people be thoughtful and intentional with their daily goals, stay focused on them throughout the day and then go home and do things other than work. At Sunsama we're always experimenting with how to work better. Want to try working working early in the morning and late in the evening and taking the whole middle of the day off? Want to experiment with not working on Wednesdays or working four day weeks? Want to experiment with 4 hour days with no meetings? That's awesome, we want to help you and the world break out of the chains of the 8 hour work day that don't make sense for us as knowledge workers.

We work remotely and asynchronously so we can maximize heads down focused time to do fulling high quality work. We only have a single one-hour meeting each week and rarely send more than a handful of slack messages a week. Most of our collaboration happens inside of Sunsama, Github, and Notion. We are ambitious and hard-working but our dream work environment looks more like a monastery than a typical high-octane startup.

We enjoy working with people who have a strong work ethic, actively seek balance between work and life, care more about empathizing and educating customers than growth hacks, can communicate well asynchronously, and are ready to find ways to tell more people about Sunsama without asking for permission from the founders. You'll get to grow a product people already love and rave about.

We raised a $2.4M seed round from YCombinator, Menlo Ventures, Foundation Capital and a number other angels.

Skills, Qualifications and Details

  • Work from anywhere. This role, and Sunsama, are fully remote and asynchronous. Learn more about how we work here.
  • Compensation:
    • Minimum $120K+ (open to significantly more based on a candidate's experience)
    • Equity: 0.01 - 0.50%
    • Our goal is to provide market-level cash compensation, regardless of the equity offer. We believe people should be fairly compensated for their work today not in some unpromised future.
  • Ad Operations:
    • Responsible for the daily operation, monitoring, rotation, and refinement paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You should be comfortable and experienced spending up to 50K/month.
  • Writing:
    • Sunsama runs async, you'll need to be comfortable with sharing your day-to-day to work in tools like Notion and Sunsama.
    • Capable of writing landing page copy, ad copy, newsletters, blog posts, emails courses, and nurture campaign emails.
    • Comfortable talking with and helping customers in live chat. This is the best way to learn what makes our customers tick.
  • Design:
    • Capable of making basic ad creatives, landing pages, and product launch graphics in tools like Webflow and Sketch.
  • Analytics:
    • Comfortable running, tracking, and communicating experiments with tools like Amplitude, and Funnel.

Growth Values

  • Growing with Intention and Patience: If we can control our growth, we control our destiny as a company. Your job is help us control growth not to grow at all costs. Customer expectations are extremely high expectations for digital productivity products. And even the best products in this space (Notion, Superhuman, Airtable) took 4+ years of product iteration before finding product market fit. We're still on that journey ourselves.
  • Nurture Success: In general, we want to grow by nurturing relationships and interactions where we've had some success instead of spraying and praying for new eyeballs on the internet. For example, making it easier for existing customers to share Sunsama with friends and colleagues, nurturing users who are one ah-ha moment away from converting their trial to paid, reactivating users through thoughtful nurture campaigns.
  • Grow through In Product Mechanics: The most effective form of growth happens through in product mechanics. Ashutosh, Sunsama's CEO, will work side by side with you to code in-product growth mechanisms. This job comes with your own personal engineer!
  • Avoid Dark Patterns: We want to grow our revenue and be proud of the way we did it when we look back in 10 years. No spammy hacks, no credit cards before you start your trial to juice conversion, no hard to find cancellation flows.

How to apply

Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line "Growth Lead". See below for our full process from initial email to offer and expected timelines.

Hiring Process

Here's what you can expect from us as you move through our interview process. If you have questions or need adjustments we'll be happy to accommodate.

  1. Initial Email

    Send an email to "[email protected]" introducing yourself.

    Please start with some standard background on your work experience, skills, and links to any work you've done e.g. ads you've designed, blogs/newsletters you've written, products you've built.

    Then, we'd love to know more about why you are reaching out. Feel free to take this in any direction but here's what we're often curious about when we meet someone new for a role:

    • What are you looking for in your next role? What got you motivated to reach out to us?
    • What do you like to work on that keeps you motivated for long stretches of time (weeks, months, years)?
    • On a day to day execution level, what's your expertise?
    • What does your ideal work day look like?
    • What questions do you have about Sunsama?
  2. Email Conversation with Ashutosh (1-3 days)

    Ashutosh (CEO @ Sunsama) will respond back and we'll kick off a back and forth of a couple emails. The purpose of this conversation is to ensure:

    • There's alignment on skills, experience, compensation, and timeline (to start).
    • Dive into the questions above.
    • Ensure that we're able to smoothly perform critical business while talking async.
  3. Call with Ashutosh (Scheduled within 1-3 days)


    1. Understanding your motivation and experience
    2. Ashutosh shares a bit about what Sunsama is, how we grow today, and what our metrics and funnel look like.
    3. You share ideas on how Sunsama might grow
    4. You ask any questions you want
  4. Recommendations (As fast as you can get them to us)

    If the call goes well, we'll ask you to share 3-5 recommendations and reviews from people you've worked with in the past. We know it's uncommon to ask for recommendations at this stage but we find it's an effective way to be respectful of your time and energy. We want to learn as much as we can about what it might be like to work with you before we ask you to invest significant time and energy in step seven.

  5. Call with Travis and Ashutosh (Scheduled within 1-3 days)

    Video call where you'll meet the rest of the founding team. Our goal on this call is to see if we'd all jive together as collaborators more than evaluating technical skills. We'll be more interested in understanding what motivates you and why you are interested in this particular role. This is also your chance to evaluate if Sunsama's culture, ambitions, and vibe match what you are looking for in your next role.

  6. Growth Experiment (1 week)

    We will ask you to perform a one week growth experiment. We'll provide more details and options when the time is right, if it requires ad spend, we'll cover it.

  7. Offer (Within 10 days of finishing the project)

    If we're excited about everything up to this point, we'll make an offer. If we don't make an offer we'll provide detailed feedback about our decision making process over email.



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Growth Lead
$120k - $165k
0.01% - 0.50%
Any (new grads ok)