Humanloop (S20)
Train and deploy NLP with 10x less labelled data

Machine Learning Engineer

$70k - $120k0.10% - 0.70%

London / Remote
1+ years
About Humanloop

At Humanloop our mission is to make programming so intuitive that automating tasks becomes as natural as teaching a colleague. We're building the future in which AI does not replace humans but gives people the tools to achieve things that today are restricted to a tiny group of people with specialist expertise.

Machine learning and AI represent a genuinely new paradigm for software that needs a different approach. We're starting with tools thats makes it easy to rapidly annotate data, train and deploy natural language processing (NLP) models with humans in the loop. Almost every company could benefit from software that better understands language but building NLP systems today requires specialist expertise and unreasonable amounts of human annotated data.

Our team have previously worked on some of the largest AI projects at Google, Microsoft and Amazon as well studied ML at UCL and Cambridge and we're backed by some of the world's top investors like Index Ventures and Y Combinator.

We believe that the real reason we'll succeed though is because we're committed to learning and growing as quickly as possible. We know there's lots we don't know. What we're doing is fundamentally new and will require overcoming many hurdles. This excites us. If you believe in our mission, are seeking a challenge and are excited about constantly learning, you'll fit right in.

About the role

Skills: Torch/PyTorch, Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing

We're reimagining how humans and AI work together. Going from where we are to where we need to be will involve solving many interesting research problems as well as productionising the state-of-the-art in ML.

As a Machine Learning engineer, you will play a key role in solving these research problems and helping to write high quality ML software.

About the role

As a Machine Learning Engineer at Humanloop, you will be part of a great team pushing the boundaries of NLP and interactive Machine Learning.

  • You will generate and pitch ideas to improve our production systems and/or research ideas that could result in publications at ML or NLP conferences.
  • You will work with others in the team to continuously incorporate new research into our product and help to deploy it to our cloud infrastructure.
  • You will own and push forward your projects during the whole research cycle, writing code, running experiments, evaluating results and drawing conclusions.
  • You will work with the engineering team to optimise our deployments
  • you will take part in our team-wide reading groups and present your work to the team and on our blog.

About You

We believe that talented people come from all sorts of backgrounds so we don't look for specific qualifications. We do need you to be able to demonstrate that you have a good understanding of ML and NLP fundamentals and that:

  • You have experience developing machine learning models using PyTorch, TensorFlow or a similar auto-diff framework (ideally in a commercial environment)
  • You can read a research paper or mathematical description of an algorithm/model and translate that paper into high quality code
  • You enjoy contributing to research projects or open source
  • You've worked on research that has (or could have) led to publications at academic conferences
  • You're excited about NLP, AI and our mission.
  • You're passionate about learning. You care deeply about broadening your horizons and developing yourself

What you'll get from us

  • Meaningful and interesting work
  • Competitive salary and share options
  • Flexibility and control over how you work
  • The excitement and freedom of an early stage VC-backed startup
  • A £1000 book/conference allowance to invest in your learning
  • Regular company retreats to exciting locations

Remote First

We were founded right as the world went into the Covid-19 lockdown and were birthed as a remote first company. We see many benefits to being remote and plan to be that way for the foreseeable future. We also believe that building strong culture and innovating require trust and facetime, so we want to be able to meet in person at least once a month.

As a result we will be fully remote for at least the next year but you must have the ability to travel to London at least once a month for a day or two.

How to apply?

Respond to this ad and tell us a little about why you want to join the team and your passions and interests.


Our current stack is

  • A Python backend with pytorch for our deep learning framework
  • Next/React for our frontend
  • AWS for most of our infrastructure

We're building software to annotate data, train and deploy natural language processing models.

Types of challenges the team is solving:

  • Many fundamental machine learning challenges: How do we push the state of the art in active learning for NLP, can we create weak labelling functions in natural language?
  • Integrating with existing open source NLP libraries and implementing state of the art models
  • Designing extremely intuitive UX flows for non-technical domain experts
  • Efficiently utilising and sharing GPU resource across many models in production

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