LayerCI (S20)
Instant staging servers for every code change

DevOps/Backend developer

$120k - $200k0.00% - 0.00%

Any (new grads ok)
About LayerCI

  • Modern teams often need to spin up fully-provisioned VMs running a copy of their database and backend for every branch.
  • For example, it's super useful to be able to run E2E tests or manual QA against the full stack with a pre-seeded database that has some initial data in it.
  • We provide an OS-level cache automatically so that the repetitive steps (download libraries, start backend microservices, load database dumps) can be reused across runs in seconds instead of minutes.
  • An equivalent solution using a production hosting provider like AWS is significantly slower and much more difficult to set up.

About the role

Skills: Go, Linux supercharges code reviews by spinning up full-stack preview environments to let developers dig around and run E2E tests significantly faster.

We're excited to bring on a DevOps / backend developer to supercharge our custom hypervisor in order to create thousands of testing VMs.

You must be authorized to work in Canada. Please mention your visa status when you apply.

The role

We're looking for someone that is experienced with CI, likes tinkering with OS-level code, and has a knack for optimization and improving stability.

Example tasks might include:

  • Set up an APM system to ensure load balancing is working correctly
  • Improve OS-level systems to improve the performance of file watching, repository cloning, and VM creation
  • Change backend code to fix edge cases which are causing users' CI runs to fail
  • Scale up our infrastructure by using open-source frameworks like Kafka or gRPC

It would also be great if you could:

  • Write technical blog posts to help drive users to our site


  • Work closely with co-founding team on impactful technical challenges
  • No prerequisite knowledge required - we just care you have strong OS and backend fundamentals, and will reward you as you level up relevant skills
  • Competitive compensation (Salary + equity)
  • Amazing co-workers and a culture of mentorship, share things you've learned with your co-workers and vice-versa.
  • Flexible hours - we just care that you get your work done, not what hours you're around for.
  • Work from anywhere in Canada, even after COVID is over
  • Promotions as you scale up - we have a yearly performance review that helps you hone your skills and level up to senior developer and beyond.

Application process

  • Apply via Work At a Startup or email a resume to [email protected]
  • Please mention your Canadian work permit status, and confirm when you'll reside here
  • We'll book an informal 20 minute call to meet each-other, and then a 45 minute technical interview to make sure applicants are well suited to the role
  • You don't have to be an expert at backend development or devops, we care more about "T-shaped" employees, ones which are very good at something relevant and passable at many other complimentary skills.

The technical interview

Consists of a 45 minute whiteboard coding challenge in google docs. Questions will be include both coding and short answers.


  • Stack is go backend / react frontend
  • Microservice architecture, kubernetes
  • We've built our own distributed hypervisor, which is the core magic for "turning staging servers into lambdas"
  • Websockets / protobuf / REST

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