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About Taloflow

Our company is part of the YC W21 batch. We match dev teams with the best dev and cloud tools for their use case. The team itself is made up of infrastructure engineers and data scientists that bring a deep sense of urgency and strategic thinking to everything we do.

About the role

Skills: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Taloflow (YC W21) is hiring for a Product, Project Management, Research and Data Entry Project for Cloud (IaaS/APIs) products to help us create a detailed product catalog of cloud products in the known universe. The ideal candidate has deep knowledge of cloud and dev tools.

Compensation ranges from $15-30 per hour depending on the level of experience. We are flexible on the time commitment as long as you have a minimum of 10 hours/week for the first couple months.

If interested, please email Louis-Victor Jadavji at [email protected]

Required Experience

1+ full-time software engineering experience Perfect English verbal and writing skills Technical writing skills Extensive experience using at least one of the following; AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure


A core part of our service is a product catalog ultimately containing the knowledge-base for developers to quickly research every single cloud and developer tool in the universe. The content also fulfils a secondary purpose of feeding into the recommendation engine behind our service. Due to the latter, we need to structure the catalog content in such a way that it can be called via API for different purposes. It can't just be a big block of rich text or have large structural variances between providers and products.

Our catalog data focusses on products in the Infrastructure (e.g: AWS EC2, Backblaze B2, Fastly CDN) and API layer (e.g.: Twilio Messaging API) of cloud tooling. Here are some example categories we want to tackle in the short term:

AI/ML Platforms API Gateways Kubernetes Platforms Data Protection / Cloud Backup Messaging APIs Conversation APIs/SDKs Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) Log Management

Project Requirements

Data entry will primarily occur in a collection of Google Sheets documents (one for each product) produced from a template and organized in folders by Category.

The core components of the data entry, also listed below:

General info Pricing Non-Standard Features Features Matrix Compliance Matrix Product Integrations


We're building a robust cost and usage ingestion pipeline for every cloud platform, ML clustering of workloads by use case, and a community-generated knowledge-base to help people best rearrange their stack.

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