Lucky Card (W21)
A debit card that lets you win up to $1,000 with every swipe

Brand Executive

SF / Remote
About Lucky Card

We make a debit card with a twist. Every swipe automatically enters you into an assortment of free giveaways, and conveniently collects your winnings directly into your account. We're launching with a sweepstakes where every swipe can win up to $1,000.

We’re selling a different payment experience. Someone using our card will feel something that they don’t with other cards.

About the role

Job Description

We're looking for people who have a believe in our mission at Lucky Card and want to help us grow. If you have a strong intuition for growth, the willingness to hustle, and enthusiasm for our product, you may be a fit.

You'll be responsible for generating hype and organic growth within your designated region. There's significant freedom in the position - you will need to figure out the best way to generate signups in your community. You'll be in our company Slack and receive updates on our strategy/company milestones.

If you deliver consistent growth and high quality ideas, there is an opportunity for you to join our team full-time.


We look for 3 key things in our hires:

  • Hustle & Enthusiasm Everyone on the team at Lucky Card needs hustle. The willingness to wear multiple hats and do whatever it takes to get something done. Along with that, enthusiasm goes a long way in building a good atmosphere.

  • Freedom & Trust (i.e Ownership Over Discrete Domains). Each member of the team should trust one another to do their job. You are the most qualified person to make a decision about what you oversee. Consequently, every person will own their area and have full freedom to do what's right - but full responsibility for whatever the outcome is.

  • Reasoning from First Principles Our people should instinctually reason from first principles, and think through the right decision using available data. People should be creative about how to accomplish something even if it initially seems difficult or impossible. This is the opposite of taking the status-quo shortcut and doing something because it's always been done that way.


We Google Cloud Platform (Node.js) for the backend and Swift for our iOS app. We're building our version 2 in React Native and our web app in React.

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