Volta Labs, Inc. (W19)
Biological automation as agile and scalable as digital electronics.

Senior Software Engineer

Cambridge, MA
3+ years
About Volta Labs, Inc.

Volta Labs is a venture-backed startup spun off from the MIT Media Lab by co-founders Udayan Umapathi and Will Langford. We were incubated at the MIT Engine and are supported by top VC firms.

Volta’s vision is to make biological automation as agile, scalable and reliable as digital electronics. To realize this vision we are building a platform technology by engineering the full-stack -- hardware, software, chemistry, and biology.

About the role

Skills: C++, JavaScript, Python, React, Machine Learning, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Volta Labs builds automation for the genomics sequencing industry on a programmable chip (a microprocessor for biology). Genomics based applications are growing faster than Moore's law and we're building the tools to support and enable that scaling. Volta is propelling further adoption of sequencing technologies by building an end-to-end automation system on a programmable integrated circuit. The integrated circuit can move, mix, heat and inspect tiny water droplets containing biological samples with electricity.

Building our system touches many fields: electrical engineering, material science, biology, robotics and computer science. Our team uses a breadth of skills spanning across these fields to solve problems that no one field can solve. Our ultimate goal is to establish the infrastructure required for future biological factories.

We are an early stage company spun off from the MIT Media Lab and founded with genomics expert George Church. We were incubated at the MIT Engine and we just came out of Y Combinator.


You have the opportunity to join a fast growing startup at a very early stage. We are building a complex software-hardware-biology system where systems-thinking and the ability to evaluate a problem from multiple perspectives is a must.

Your role will involve architecting and coordinating the flow of data through this complex system, rapidly prototyping solutions, and always keeping the customer in mind. You will help turn lab prototypes into robust software products with best practice development and deployment techniques. As a software lead, you will help build out an internet connected data processing pipeline, implement machine learning to gain insight and close loops, and define APIs for scaling our platform.


You’ll join a team where everyone (including you) is not afraid to go into unexplored territories across many fields to build our automation system. We are an incredibly supportive team–we love to pitch in when problems arise and give great peer feedback to help each other grow. We are passionate about automation, biology, computation, robotics, fabrication, industrial design, and a great user experience for customers. You'll be a key driver of instilling these values in our Cambridge office and play a big role in helping grow the team.


  • M.S or B.S. in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related fields with 5+ years of relevant experience in the industry. If you are exceptional, we can skip this requirement.
  • Ability to conceive and implement architecture for software systems involving full stack development for web and native platform applications: UI / UX, server, network, database, quality, security and communication with firmware.
  • Experience leading the development of production quality code in a real product
  • Ability to communicate complex technical problems to peers with different backgrounds
  • Fluency with C++ application development, testing, and deployment best practices


  • Familiarity with modern cloud technologies (AWS, Azure, GCP, Docker, etc. )
  • Familiarity with image processing, computer vision, or related fields
  • Familiarity with embedded development (ARM-Cortex M4, STM32)
  • Familiarity with laboratory data management technologies (LIMS, ELN)
  • A portfolio of your past work that you can share


Volta is building a agile, scalable and reliable automation for genomic and genetic engineering. Our technology stack can be broken up into three components: hardware, software and biochemistry.

The underlying hardware combines solid-state electronics with a proprietary surface coating to fundamentally reduce the complexity of basic liquid-handling operations and improve precision tremendously To build this complex stack of hardware:

  • our team collaborates on various fields of engineering including electrical, mechanical and surface chemistry
  • our system also involves engineering several robotic, fluidic and industrial components to enable a complete automation system

To enable this to be useful we are building a suite of solutions solutions:

  • a simple high-level software abstraction (no-code interface) that allows users with no specialized knowledge to configure and implement any new or existing biological workflow on Volta’s platform quickly
  • API for integration with other robotics and lab automation tools
  • ML / AI driven tools for workflow optimization and data visualization

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