Compliance & Nodal Officer at Decentro (S20)
$12K - $15K  •  0.10%
API platform for banking integrations (BaaS for India and APAC)
Bengaluru, KA, IN / Remote (IN)
6+ years
About Decentro

Almost all the fin-tech companies face a number of hidden challenges -

  • Making the choice of the first bank for integration and the APIs within.
  • Lack of a single POC in the banks / financial / KYC institutions to avoid running around between departments to get APIs and solutions.
  • Testing and reaching product-market fit quickly & cheaply
  • The choice of banking/financial license (if any) to go to market

Imagine the possibilities in Fin-tech if we remove >90% of the friction in the flow of money and financial data. Imagine the amazing innovations that can happen!

We want to be the go-to the platform where all of you can come, plug in the data, play around and launch with the desired APIs and modular SDKs to go live within days (instead of months). No need to run around and waste 5-6 months to integrate with banking/legacy BFSI / government partners. Not only that, but we also take care of the upcoming fixes, iterations, and updates without breaking any flow.

About the role

What is expected from you -

  1. Helping our team initiate, develop and maintain relationships with banks, large financial institutions, and their internal compliance teams.

  2. Serve on a team of risk evaluation and assurance professionals, working to provide an independent Second Line of Defense approach to risk-based monitoring and evaluation by focusing on current and high-impact compliance risks.

  3. Developing assessments and providing input over control effectiveness through formal reporting and monitoring remediation activities.

  4. Coordinate on-site and online audits from financial institutions in an end-to-end manner to remain compliant with industry and geographical regulations.

  5. Partner with cross-functional core stakeholders in engineering, product management, QA, design, performance engineering, and business teams to lead compliance initiatives.

  6. Research the financial services industry to understand and become the subject matter expert for various compliance requirements that we may be subject to over our journey.

What we are looking for -

  1. Excellent knowledge of the Indian financial services landscape, and deep understanding of Banking and Financial Services.

  2. Strong ability to set clear measurable objectives, delegate responsibilities, assess, recognize and reward performance.

  3. Come with a good track record in the banking/fintech domain. Good existing connections with some of the major banks in the country will be like icing on the cake.

  4. Good experience in managing/coordinating with a high-performing team. Strong leadership with excellent influencing, communication, and presentation skills.

  5. Excellent quality acumen and willingness to work within tight deadlines with at least 6+ years of work experience in total.

What we offer -

  1. The ability for you to make an impact and lay a foundation for the upcoming fin-tech innovations.

  2. A multicultural and diverse team of colleagues from different states that speak in total 6 Indian and global languages.

  3. Progressive and flexible work hours that match your personality and lifestyle.

  4. The best-in-class perks and benefits. Check out our careers page for the same:

Backed by YCombinator and some of the smartest investors in the world, we're a contrarian and progressive culture of independent thinkers and systematic executors that are driven to build cool things that matter.

If this aligns with you, time to hop on!


We are doing the initial hard work of all those legacy integrations to customize and make the desired resources available in an extremely simple format with the highest possible automation.

Think of us like a custom AWS type underlying infrastructure enabling your innovations and product launches at a rapid pace.

**Our tech stack - **

  • AWS (The infrastructure on which we are building)
  • MySQL (The persistent data storage for our system)
  • Python (The basic building block of our codebase)
  • Flask (The web framework handling all our APIs)
  • Gunicorn (WSGI compliant server for serving our flask applications)
  • Nginx (Our reverse proxy and the load balancer)
  • ReactJS (Our framework of choice for the UI and front-end development)
  • Kong (The gateway (think Janus) to our multi-environment servers)

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