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Customer Success & Teacher Community

/ Remote
3+ years

We're building a first of its kind developer platform that can be used to learn and practice programming, build and deploy applications, and share and discuss with a community of peers. We realize this is an ambitious plan, but we think it's high time someone built this. There is no good reason for the insane fragmentation in programming tools today -- someone learning to code needs to learn at least ten disjointed tools and platforms to do anything interesting with programming.

About the role

We are building a world-changing platform where people go all the way from writing their first lines of code to starting their first businesses. As a product- and technology-focused startup, we have grown to millions of users via word of mouth, but we want to empower more educators!

In this role, you have an opportunity to get in at the ground level of a high-growth startup and help teachers inspire and educate the next generation of engineers and makers. You’ll have an immediate and long-term impact!

Note - If you're a talented teacher/hacker but don't really fit the requirements then get in touch anyway.

In this role, you will:

  • Represent the voice of teachers and students in product decisions
  • Design and present webinars for education facing customers
  • Build and nurture active Replit teacher communities online
  • Managing contractors to write high-quality curriculum for K-12 and higher ed CS teachers
  • Manage the onboarding process for new teachers and professors
  • Develop our first professional development program for K-12 teachers

You qualify if:

  • You are excited by advancing the CS teacher community (including CSTA)
  • You have experience teaching computer science
  • You generate plenty of product ideas
  • You enjoy identifying product pain-points and want to improve user experience
  • You are a proactive communicator
  • You are able to surface and share best practices 1:1 or 1:many
  • You are charismatic and love presenting and teaching on video

Even better if:

  • You’re an active Replit user
  • You have customer success experience at an education software company
  • You have engineering experience at a software company
  • You’ve worked at an early stage startup


While we ideally want someone right away, if you are the perfect candidate but can’t start until classes end in June, we’d still love to talk to you!

Job Location:

SF or Remote (currently only open to +/-4 hours from pacific timezone)

Before submitting your application, please record a 5-10 minute video showing how you would instruct a teacher on how to do something on Replit.

Ready to build the world's largest developer platform?


Most of our time is spent building two core areas of our technology -- the IDE and the container infrastructure. We created the world's fastest and first server-rendered IDE. The IDE has a small functional core -- borrowing ideas from Redux -- everything is a plugin. This architecture allows us to build an adaptable IDE where it starts very simple and grows with the user as they learn more and require more features -- this is crucial for new programmers.

As for our infrastructure, we're building a new kind of computing platform: it's Serverless in that users don't have to care about the underlying resources, but it's not Serverless in that it's stateful. This way it's interactive, and since we're focused on newcomers, it's a much more natural programming model. We're also building a filesystem abstraction that allows your working directory to travel with your container between development and production and as it goes offline and online -- a persistent and versioned working directory.

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