Oklo (S14)

Emission free, always on power from advanced fission power plants.

Operations Manager or Director (DOE) for advanced fission/clean energy company (READ DESCRIPTION)

Sunnyvale, CA / Remote
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3+ years
About Oklo

Oklo is developing advanced fission power plants to make clean, affordable energy.

About the role

A successful Operations Manager/Director will work directly with the Chief Operations Officer to accomplish a range of crucial tasks for a small but fast growing startup in the exciting clean energy space.

Personality characteristics of the successful candidate:

  • Motivated: they bring an enthusiasm to the team, and imbue a sense of passion that goes beyond clocking in and clocking out. This isn’t about a fake or arbitrary “pieces of flair” mentality or lack of work-life balance! It is about being a part of the vision and feeling a part of reaching team goals.
  • A team-player: Oklo genuinely is a team. We aren’t about taking credit for ourselves, and we aren’t about pushing blame to others. We do incredible things because we work as a team.
  • An excellent communicator: operations touches every person on the team as well as colors the perception of our company to potential new talent, collaborators, etc. We need a person who is not only good at their work but also a clear and upbeat communicator and presence.
  • Creative: being creative means that when things fall outside clear scopes or processes or problems arise without clear solutions, you are able to identify it as well as invent ways to solve a problem or fill a need without micromanagement. The successful person in this job will not only be creative, but also enjoy being creative and solving open-ended problems which may change day-by-day.
  • Detail-oriented: this cannot be over-emphasized. Oklo works with government regulators and many outside parties where even typos puts forward a bad image of the company. Excellent grammar and spelling may seem nit-picky but matter for both good communication as well as just the image of the company that we put forward. More broadly, we need another set of eyes noticing where things can be improved or should be thought about. A personality that has an attention to detail is essential. Ideally, you even enjoy making up processes that help with the details.

The responsibilities of the role can include:

  • Recruiting/Hiring: Overseeing the applicant experience and the hiring process. Oklo is in the process of implementing a tracking system, but they all still require active management. It will also require a savvy sense of who to prioritize and on what timeline, in a dynamically changing area.
  • Onboarding/Training: Helping onboard new hires and guiding them into becoming part of Oklo! This means setting up agendas, creative ways to integrate them with the team (we often introduce them at our Friday lunch), personal outreach, and coordinating with the relevant directors as well as the CEO and COO. The amount of training that could be coordinated by this role could grow over time.
  • Managing an operations team: Several people and types of people work together to make the operations of the company to run smoothly, and this team will grow. These people include the bookkeeper, the accountant, the executive assistant, cleaner, and others. In addition, Oklo manages housing for the team, and has a separate housekeeper for the housing and associated landlords.
  • HR and Compliance: While our HR/Payroll stack handles much of the HR and compliance needs in a streamlined way, there are a number of items that may arise and expertise in dealing with them is valuable. Such items might include administration of benefits, integration of benefits to payroll as needed, tax-related issues, reimbursements, compliance in certain states, insurance related issues, and handling of international employees and contractors. Not all of these tasks must be captured in this role immediately, however these are all items that could be in the purview of the management of this role, and for which new solutions and fresh thinking will be valued in time as well as picking up what exists quickly.
  • Contracts and document management: Oklo has a number of contractual document templates which are filled out as needed, and may require edits, signatures, coordination, and documentation management. This role should ideally have some experience in understanding structure of these documents, intent, and have a sense for optimal document management in general.
  • Finance work: This role can involve reviewing work by the bookkeeper, as well as invoice management. Understanding of basic tax implications, bookkeeping categories, and types of payments (e.g. 1099s for those not in payroll, ACH, wires, etc) is useful in this role.

Plan for upward potential and personal growth: Oklo is a small but fast growing company with history of solid funding for more than 5 years. As the company grows, the Operations needs and team will grow and mature. The person in this role will play a pivotal role in hiring and strategy for what will become a new operations team, and it is expected that they will take existing processes and make them scalable and repeatable as well as improved. Quickly, if successful, this role would elevate into a Director level position, and could grow, expand or specialize into several roles from there. A few of these that might be a natural trajectory is a Chief of Staff, or, once Oklo has VP positions, a VP of Operations, VP of Finance, or other roles. The ultimate growth could be executive level, so there is a strong potential for promotions to correlate to excellent performance.

About Oklo compensation: Oklo offers untracked paid time off, competitive pay, equity, 401k, health insurance, FSA, flexible work hours, and other benefits. Bonuses, including annual as well as spot bonuses, on top of salary help reward outstanding work.

About Oklo Inc.: Oklo is a California-based company developing clean energy plants to provide emission-free, reliable, and affordable energy using advanced fission. Oklo’s first product is the a microgrid scale powerhouse. The powerhouse can produce clean energy for decades without needing to refuel, and also has the capability to turn nuclear waste into clean energy.

Oklo received a Site Use Permit from the U.S Department of Energy, demonstrated fabrication of its fuel, was awarded fuel from the Idaho National Laboratory, and submitted the first accepted advanced fission license application to the regulator.

Oklo has been featured in Popular Mechanics, Wired, Architectural Digest, Hyperallergic, POWER Magazine, and has been the subject of a Harvard Business School case, and was featured in the documentary "The New Fire," among many other features.


We are looking for mechanical engineers, structural engineers, electrical engineers, contracts specialists, and finance specialists.

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