Ambition (W14)
Coaching and gamification software for sales teams.

Enterprise Customer Success Manager

Nashville, TN / Remote
3+ years
About Ambition

We motivate employees to reach their potential, empower managers to be great coaches, and ultimately help sales teams hit number with great culture. We do this through an extensive suite of coaching and gamification tools, all powered by sales activity data.

About the role

When you strip away the layers of a modern company you find two fundamental things at its core: employees and customers. You will be directly responsible for the success of our enterprise customers. You will be the face of this company, the ambassador of our embassy with guests ranging from Fortune 500 executives to industry-defining entrepreneurs. You will be a thought leader, consultant, problem solver, politician, drill instructor and therapist.

Job Description Your primary directive is to build and leverage customer relationships to ensure enterprise customers get the most value from Ambition’s platform. An Enterprise Customer Success Manager (CSM) should view themselves as a consultant, project manager and customer representative. A CSM's primary measures of success are Customer Health & Time-to-Value followed by Account Awareness, Customer Retention and Expansion.


An enterprise CSM will strategically coach customers to use Ambition to add even more value to their business. They serve as a product consultant on the Ambition platform and drive value through successful product adoption. They build strong relationships with Champions inside customer organizations. Those relationships are maintained through the customer’s lifecycle and are the primary channel value is delivered through. As an enterprise consultant, this CSM will uncover opportunities for growth and expansion within an account.

Project Manager

An enterprise CSM quarterbacks the product onboarding and implementation of improvement initiatives. They also manage resolution of escalated issues, implementation of product feedback and any other topics that arise. As an advocate for enterprise customers, they keep a keen eye on features that relate to scalability and function across multiple geos, teams and channels within the customer’s organization. They do so in a transparent manner to ensure the utmost degree of clarity and communication, both for customer champions and stakeholders within Ambition.

Customer Representative

A CSM will serve as the primary voice of the customer, internally within Ambition’s product and business teams. They will be the primary point of contact, and funnel of all communication, ensuring all customer conversations happen with the benefit of all available context. They will be responsible for representing the customer’s interests and raise concerns if internal decisions and initiatives will put a customer at risk.

Health, Time-to-Value, Retention, Awareness

CSMs will be held accountable to customer health and retention metrics. These metrics are designed to help focus a CSMs efforts into initiatives that will primarily make a customer healthy, faster. The onboarding period is critical to building strong relationships and resilient implementation. Through the Champion relationships, CSMs will elevate risks, early and often.

Who We're Looking For:

  • A successful enterprise CSM will align with Ambition’s values:

  • Listen to what people want, deliver what they need

  • The difference between good and great is in the details

  • Strive to do a lot with a little

  • Have strong opinions that are weakly held

  • Be honest, even when it hurts

  • When in doubt, over-communicate

  • Bias towards action, opt for collaboration


  • 5+ years experience as a SaaS Customer Success Manager working with large scale or enterprise businesses

  • Experience with project management and/or consulting is a plus

  • Proficient with Salesforce

  • Knowledge of sales processes like lead generation and pipeline management

  • Knowledge of sales automation and enablement tools


Our platform is built on top of AWS and with Python/Django and Javascript/React. Given large deployments across enterprise customers... our biggest challenge is ingesting, processing, and populating our sales activity graph as quickly as possible for companies (and their managers) to coach effectively as possible with the right insights.

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